Keep up the fights you are in!

Yesterday, April 11, 2017 was the day I was told all medical options for me have reached and end. We now move one stap closer to the actual end of my life.

I'm sad to know my end is close at hand but gratful I was blessed with almost 15 months of saying good bye to friends and family. It has made the transition a bit easier.

Your spirit and your fights are what make the human experience important all across the world. Please do not get discouraged when someone passes on. Rejoice for getting to meet their true selves. I have made wonderful friendships on line here and would have enjoyed meeting them in real life. But I have met their souls here and love them for showing me more than my own eyes could ever take in.

Much love forever more and a day.

Mike March

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  • Eloquent as usual, Mike. You're a fine man and it is an honor to have become your friend here. You are a shining example for us all.

  • Dear Friend, you have walked through this with amazing grace and dignity. You have helped others over and over again. Your generous Spirit has worked hard to ease the path for children. What an amazing man you are. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us, it is an honor to know you. Big hugs.

  • Serrecko Thank you for sharing your story and all the help that you have given to others. It has been such a privilege getting to know you and having you be part of this community. I wish I had the right words to say and I hope you find comfort in knowing that you made a difference for so many other people who are fighting this terrible disease.

  • You have been an inspiration for me. Your courage, strength, warmth and wisdom have given me strength. You are now facing what may be the most exciting adventure imaginable. I do believe in an afterlife, so believe that you are headed for bigger and better things. Thank you for all you have shared with us. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Jean

  • Mike Serrecko Thank you for being such a close member of this community and for sharing your story with us. You are in our thoughts.

  • We have never talked but thank you.


  • God bless you on your journey. Please watch over the rest of us

  • Mike,

    It has truely been an honor getting to know you in this community. Every time we have had a conversation here I have taken something useful away from it. You are a great person, and whatever gods plan holds for us in the future I am so glad our paths crossed here.

    Sincerely ,


  • Dear Mike.... We have never interacted but I've read so many of the replies that you've given to members of this community. Your knowledge, wisdom and kindness has touched so many of people including myself. It's with a heavy heaet that i want to say Thank you Mike for the help that you given us. God bless you😒 xo

  • So grateful to have read your many post. When I read that you said how blessed you were by having had 15 months to say goodbye that's a blessing. None of us know the day, time, or hour. How I wish I had 15 months to say goodbye to my mom who lost here battle with lung cancer within 3 weeks of diagnoses When I read your many post it makes you realize to appreciate each day you have at that moment. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and to help others live life to the fullest. My God comfort you at this time

  • I pray that you find peace. We have never chatted. This is ny 5th and last cancer, and I am at peace with what is coming. Knowing that we go home to our Lord is great comfort. No one lives forever, but we have been given the great opportunity to show love to those we leave behind. May God bless you in your journey

  • Mike,Sending prayers for a gentle landing. This is not an easy road we are on and I greatly admire the grace you bring to your journey as it nears its end.

    You've a unique voice and your words have given comfort to those who've had the opportunity to read them. I'm grateful that you had the opportunity to say your goodbyes and heal any broken relationships (if any existed).

    You have enriched this corner of the world and for that I am grateful to you. You leave a legacy of hope and caring. I for one will never be able to watch a paintball video without thinking of you.

    Sending highest regards,


  • Godspeed on this next leg of your journey, Mike and thank you. You have been an inspiration and touched us with your grace, outlook and advice.

  • May God bless you x

  • You have been an encouragement to many. Thank you for sharing you wisdom and advise. God bless you and your family.

  • Mike will sincerely miss you,you have been the easiest man to talk to. i'am so glad to have met you. Love susieJo_1948

  • That is BEAUTIFUL thanx for sharing. God Bless

  • Mike, you have done so much good with your life. God bless you as you continue to live gracefully with cancer even during the coming very difficult days.


  • Dear Mike - Your words, courage and strength are very inspiring. I think deep down, we all know that we may be facing this place in our lives, and it's not easy. But, it is so encouraging to know you that you are facing this time with such dignity and grace. I'll never give up on hoping for a "Miracle" and know that is something we all want - I also hope that I will have your courage and strength when this time comes for me in my battle. You sound like such a amazing man and I wish I had met you earlier in your battle --

    Praying for your comfort and peace.....


  • Mike,

    You have given so much to us through the words you have shared with us here. With love, courage, grace, and honesty you have allowed us to join you for a few steps on the path to the great mystery. What you are sharing with us right now is the greatest gift of all, because we all will follow you sooner or later, and at a time when you could turn your gaze inward, you are reaching out and including us.

    I am grateful that I got to know you. You have a big heart and you try to take care of people. You are taking care of me with these words. Thank you for everything. I'm wishing you comfort and love in abundance.


  • Thinking of you Mike. 🙏🏻

  • May God be with you on this next journey Mike. I also believe in afterlife & you are headed for bigger better things. Thank you for your words of hope, courage, love & honesty. You have been such an inspiration to this community. My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family!! GOD BLESS 🙏🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻!!!

  • Said very well I am blessed to know you

  • You are and have been inspiration to many of us.

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