Today is a good day!

Today we are feeling so blessed! My dad was able to drive himself to get a coffee.I know that seems so small but it's a big step for him. He hasn't driven his car in 2 months because of how weak he's been, and he has not had the energy to go to the store on his own. Today he did! The sun is shining and we are having warm spring weather! His mood is great and he felt accomplished that he went on his own to get a coffee. He felt fine, but mentioned he was a little short of breath when he got home. I'm so happy that he felt healthy enough to want to do that on his own. When he called me to tell me he was going to the coffee shop , I repeatedly asked are you sure dad?? He said yes and said he felt good. It actually brought tears to my eyes.

While it's such a minor thing for most of us to do, for him it's such an improvement and we feel God is truly answering our prayers and bringing dad healing.

Never losing faith!

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10 Replies

  • Hi Lisa,

    So happy for you and your entire family. I know how it feels to acomplish something like that after months of feeling so helpless, it truly is amazing . I hope your father continues on this path of recovery.



  • Awesome news!! Happy for you as well. Blessings😛

  • What a lovely thing to share. He's taking his life back and that's wonderful. And empowering.

  • That's a blessing. Thanks for sharing. Hope to hear about other small but big steps that he's taking

  • This makes my heart happy for you all! Thanks for sharing.

  • It IS a big deal. Congratulations!

  • Small positive steps can bring a huge positive reaction to everyone around your dad!

  • Lisa, sometimes it's the "little things" in life that turn out to mean the most to us. I sure do hope that that coffee tasted good to your dad! - Anita

  • Oh, Lisa, bless your heart! What happy news it is - life is made up of these moments, as you so clearly know. We rejoice with you.

  • So happy that he is getting out and about. It took me 2 months to start driving again after surgery. Felt like a new driver, but it soon came back. Great news. Jean

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