yeah me!

Saw doc. yesterday, and all the "numbers" are good. He said that even though they are on track they don't say remission unless there are a few months consecutive good numbers. So we will just wait and see, of course! One thing I am not happy about is that my regular oncologist is no longer available, possible down the road, but I need to find another one in Wilkes Barre, Cancer Center. If anyone knows of anyone they consider good please tell me. I am very upset he no longer is there, I really liked him.

Oh well, always something to deal with. Hope everyone here is doing well or at least stable. Love you guys!


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9 Replies

  • It's hard to lose a trusted doctor, so I hope you find another oncologist you trust. Meanwhile, celebrate your good numbers. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  • Thank you Jean . I'll have to do some research on the oncologist's in the Cancer Center I go to .

  • Great news! I am very happy for you! Sending you positive thoughts and prayers x

  • Thank you Missy!

  • Yeah you! Glad for you that you had such a great report.

  • Thank you ,also Denzie.

  • Great news! How frustrating to have to find a new doctor - good luck with your search.


  • Hi all, my nephew has finally seen the doctor this past week, now he is waiting to have surgery to remove as much of his colon as possible to hopefully get all the cancer. He either wasn't told what stage it is yet or doesn't want to upset any of the family. Doc told him it is curable. So that's encouraging! I'll post more when we get more info from him. Take care!

  • Thanks for the update, keep the news coming!

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