Latest update on dramatic results with Opdivo

Latest update on dramatic results with Opdivo

Hi, here are the latest pictures of my mums progress with Opdivo. It's nothing short of a miracle what we can see from the outside! The 2 fungating lesions at the inscision sites that appeared after surgery have disappeared and and on palpitation of the areas I feel no lumps at at, just scar tissue.

Mum had her 5th treatment last Friday and is still free of any side effects to date, we are due to see her oncologist on Monday 10th April, mums oncology nurse informed me Tuesday that the doctor didn't want her to have the flu vaccine till we see him and discuss it further. I'm also going to ask when they will do a scan so we can see the effects the Opdivo has had on mums internal Mets and will let you all know the results of when that happens.

I owe my gratitude to the people on this site who have given me knowledge of this treatment which then led me to quiz the oncologist about it, as back a few months mums prognosis was not very good at all with chemo seeming to be a last resort which the oncology doctor thought may have a lot of negative impact on mums overall health and may not be that effective for mums cancer.

Thank you and

Love and hugs to all xx

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  • Aussiegal 1967

    God bless all of you. I hope she continues to improve and keeps fairly strong.

    Keeping all of u in my prayers plus all of those suffering with lung cancer on here.

    Call all of you my health unlocked buddies.

    Have chemo tomorrow # 21. Will be back here next week hopefully


  • Hi pbjb, thank you! God bless you too and I hope your treatment goes well and I'll be seeing you back here next week 🙏🏼 everyone of you's are in my prayers

  • Excellent report. Medscape published an article this week that revealed opdivo has quadrupled the 5 year survival rate. A subscription is free to Medscape if this requires a check in.

  • Thank you Denzie, this seems to be a very promising drug for some with extraordinary results.

  • This is super good news! Hope and pray that your mum will have continued improvement.

  • Hi Frisk, thank you, yes it is

  • Praise the Lord! I'm so happy to hear your Mum's doing so well.

  • Yes Ruthie, Yes!...Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Praise The Lord! My Mom has also had great results with Opdivo. Prayers and continued good results!

  • Yes, it's amazing results... How is your mum is she still improving?

  • Oh my gosh, this is all just so exciting. Congratulations!

  • Thank you Peggy yes it is🙂

  • WOW! So glad to see these results. Here's hoping that this excellent response lasts, and lasts.


  • Yes Anita, Thank you

  • My husband starts Opdivo this coming Tuesday. This is awesome results. May I ask why type of cancer your Mum has? My husband has inoperable NSCLC. Thanks

  • Hi Janiceowens1957, my mum has stage IV NSCLC which is also inoperable. She had mets to liver, lymph nodes and bone as well as 2 fungating lesions on the chest wall.

    The fungating lesions have disappeared and we see mums oncologist tomorrow and hopefully he request a scan to see what's happening on the inside.

    Hugs & prayers


  • Praying all is well on the inside also. Please keep us updated.

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