Still on the chemo once a week

My dad is doing ok.. has good days and bad. He's been on chemo one day a week (carboplatin) and has experienced severe diarrhea. It has really bothered him and fears to eat food, which has caused him to lose a little weight. His doctor has had him take Imodium and a prescription strength diarrhea medication. It has helped , but he's not 100%. He feels tired a lot, and has been feeling down lately. It really hurts to see him this way. I try and support him as much as possible and remind him he will beat this.

He has about 2 more weeks of chemo, then his oncologist at Dana farber wants him to try a new drug in a clinical trial. Since his radiation treatments were so harsh on his lungs, his docor wants to get that under control with the steroids, which is why they have him doing 1 chemo treatment a week for now.

Praying for healing everyday for him. Keeping the Faith is so important.

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  • You are awesome. Will pray for you and your father. Remind him for all of us, he can beat this.

  • You're dad is in great hands there at Farber. It sounds like his oncologist is responsive to your dad's condition and geared toward getting him the best treatment possible.

  • Lisa,

    Stay strong, you are being such a loving advocate and I am sure your Father is very grateful he has you helping you through this time.

    I can only imagine how tired you must feel, and anxious. Even though you know it is only natural for your Dad to feel down at times (this is tough stuff) I know that it is still hard on you, I am so sorry.

    Hang onto the knowledge that he is in wonderful hands with his medical team and you. May blessings rain down on you in the weeks ahead.

  • Tell your father we are all pulling for him and praying he will start to recover soon.



  • Thank you RwHayes!

    Praying for healing everyday.

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