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I joined here about a month ago but have not shared my story. I have enjoyed reading all of yours and the support here. I was diagnosed in Nov. 2015 with stage IV NSCLC. I was given 6 months at best and was started on heavy chemo. After 3 months of debilitating chemo I stopped. It was not working. Although my oncologist at the time wanted me to continue. I turned to alternative treatment in Tijuana Mexico. Bio Medical Center. I had to make many changes in my life but am going on 17 months of quality of life. Never give up hope. If you have not watched The Truth about Cancer by Ty Bolinger I highly suggest it. May God bless each and every one of you and I pray for healing for us all.


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  • I'm curious what changes did you have to make. Do you feel you can share?

  • Absolutely...on the Hoxsey Diet...(google Harold Hoxsey) I take about 45 herbs and vitamins a day..about 15 every meal..I take the Hoxsey tonic 4 times a day.. Diet: no processed food at all. No white sugar...basically a clean whole food diet veggies and fruit...all homemade dressings, condiments etc. No Alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, (I basically drink only water now) just touching on the high points. I was near death, 90lbs, bald and very sick this time last year. I started this protocol June 2016 In one year I have gained 20lbs..have all my hair back ..I walk everday and devote 30 minutes a day to prayer, affirmations and meditation. My last bloodwork was excellent and the tumors are stable. Mostly? I feel good and have quality of life. Diet is the most critical...I also juice everyday ..carrots, celery, kale, Apple, cucumber, beets, ginger, lemon or lime. It is a full time job but well worth it. I started going to Mexico every 3 months..(u bring everything back..) now I go every 6 months. It has helped me side effects etc...

  • Sandyee,

    I'm glad for you. The only other persons I corresponded with who went there came back and learned the only thing that shrank was their bank account. Unfortunately, their cancer progressed because of it and lower stage cancers became stage 4. One man was told it was because he broke the diet once.

    Hoxsley was forced to close his clinic in the US when clinical trials at Md Anderson and other hospitals could not repeat his results. His claims are not evidence based, they're based on unsubstantiated anecdotal information.

  • I understand and have read all the pros and cons. It has helped me tremendously. There are no guarantees sadly on any treatment plan. Here or there.

  • Hi sandy77, I have the same cancer as you do, I am on immunotherapy and my new scan showed a 12% reduction in my tumor. I am glad you new treatment is working for you. We each choose the treatment we believe is best for us.


  • Hi Susan, that is wonderful news! I totally agree that we choose what is best for each of us. Immunotherapy is not an option for me as I have a compromised immune system. I have Lupus as well. After exhausting all means offered in the states I was basically sent home to die. So, I turned to alternative treatment in Tijuana Mexico.Bio Medical Center. Some discount this treatment..others have been helped. I fall in the helped category. It has given me another year of quality of life and I still am doing well. I shared my story as an option for those who have lost hope. Congratulations again on your success with immunotherapy! May God bless you with continued healing!

  • I 'm hoping your alternative treatment gives you many more years. Good luck!

  • Hi Sandye77, Interested in knowing what Is your alternative treatment?

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