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Hello everyone. Still waiting to hear what my tests are going to reveal this month as far as the chromogranin goes. I get results on my Giesinger web site sometimes before I even see the doctor. I see him Wednesday in Scranton. Fingers crossed that all is going alright. How do you change the color of the little circle by your name? Also I went into the site to see people that live near me, but don't see where I can put the miles In to locate people near me. Anyone hear from SusieJo? Was wondering how she is doing, last I heard she was in the hospital. Regards to all of you and prayers your way.

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Hi there - sorry you are in a waiting pattern! I will keep my fingers crossed for Wednesday.

On the site to find people near you, look to the upper right hand corner it should say "Show People From:" and there is a box to put in your community and how many miles away you are comfortable with. Hope this helps.

I don't know how to change the color of your circle...maybe Travis will know that!

Haven't heard anymore from SusieJo - keeping her close in my thoughts, I know we all are.

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Thank you Peg. I would assume Suzie is still in the hospital since we haven't heard anything, 😔. Waiting is the worst! Still no results on my web page.

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