Lung Cancer Prevention: Trigger For Squamous Cell Carcinoma Found, And Scientists Hope To Turn It Off

The discovery was led by Clare Weeden from the University of Melbourne, and results are now published online in Public Library of Science: Biology. Weeden found the stem cells that repair our lungs when they become damaged due to environmental pollution and cigarette smoke, reported Pursuit, a publication run by The University of Melbourne. The cells, lung basal stem cells, trigger these repairs, but also are liable to create the mutations that eventually lead to cancer. Identifying these cells as the origin of lung cancer could lead to drugs that target these cells and prevent cancer from developing in the first place.


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4 Replies

  • Jeff! This rocks! Thanks for sharing it. It will bring hope to those with squamous which is badly understudied.

  • Hi Denzie things are defo moving in right direction

  • Great news for those who are dealing with lung cancer and for those who will develop it

  • Great news can't come quick enough really but I share your sentiment

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