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Hi Everyone

I am able to FLY ? I have COPD and half a left lung removed.

I purchased a Blood/Oxygen Monitor, my blood/oxygen levels at sitting reads 92, my flight is around 1.5 hours , so a short flight, am i able to fly with these readings of 92, how far will my readings drop once in the air, any advice would be helpful. as at easter i need to go visit my family.


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  • Hi Guy, Have you called your medical team to ask them? Just curious, as that is a great question and they know your physical condition better than anyone else, I would think. They must get those types of questions regularly. Please let us know - although you are right, someone on here just might have the answer for you!

  • I am speaking to them through there secretary, 2 days ago registrar said I am not fit to fly , this message was passed on through secretary, but have not been tested on my blood/oxygen levels , so I am curious to why I have not been tested. As I have said my readings are 92 blood/oxygen levels, I am trying to find out more info through here.


  • Guy, I am sure they are considering many things: risk of infection - lots of germs on a plane, risk of a blood clot, SOB, your overall health, etc. Will be interesting to see what the others say, but I would trust my doctor on this one.

  • @Guy59 no expert but I have copd and sarcadois I was clearthe

  • Guy59 . Are you on oxygen at all ? If not 92 at rest is OK . Or you can rent a POC for your flight if you would like . Try walking one block and take a reading , if you stay in the 90s you should be ok to fly.

  • HI thanks for reply, a 6 min walk take me down to 83, stairs I am down to 81, takes me 2 mins to get back up to 90 to recover.

  • Not on oxygen

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