Time to measure success

Hi all,

I am feeling better finally throat is getting back to normal. I am having my much anticipated meal Saturday night . I never thought I would ever be so excited about a meal , but when you lose the ability to taste food and the ability to swallow it really takes a lot of life's enjoyment off the table. Especially when all that is combined with the other pain and sickness associated with chemo and radiation. Anyway my special meal is going to be porterhouse steak at longhorns, with potato, salad, and lots of that wheat bread they have. The next thing I have to do before I celebrate too much is my scans. I was suppose to do them this week but my wife had a really bad gallbladder attack and has been in hospital for past 5 days . So I put my scans off til next week, I'm really nervous about what will find. I'm trying to stay positive but I catch myself looking for symptoms and losing my positive attitude sometimes. Thanks everyone for being here and lending your thoughts and support.

Best wishes to all,


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  • Hi RW. I too am flying to Mayo next week for scan after being away for 4 months. I am nervous too. This is just normal. Praying for clear scans for both of us😊

  • Thanks Texas 64,

    Best of luck, RW

  • Texas64-you have given me so much hope and positivity about my dad going through cancer treatments. I'm sending the positivity and faith back your way for your scans . Praying all goes well and I have a feeling it will. . Faith will get you through.

  • Lisa, I am so humbled. God Bless you. Prayer carries the power of Heaven Thank you God for your mercy and that you have written each and everyone of our names on your hand. You will never forsake us. Amen

  • Hang in there. Waiting for scans are horrible and cause anxiety. Hope everything comes back well.

  • Thanks clofto,

    I appreciate your support.

    Best wishes,

  • Thanks clofto

  • I'm new to you all but know what it's like to have scan anxiety. Will keep you in my prayers. Let us know how it goes. Hope your wife is also doing better Rw.

  • Thanks and best wishes

  • Enjoy that steak! You've come through a lot and I'm glad to read that you're on the up swing.

    Sending prayers and hope that you show terrific response and that you and your wife stay healthy.

  • Thanks Denzie ,

    How long till your taste returned completely back to normal ?

  • About 3 was I think.

  • Sending prayers your way, to you and wife. Enjoy those pleasures in life (longhorn). I love that bread. Hope your scans come back great.

  • Thanks I appreciate your support

  • Sounds like everything is starting to work again for you. Hopefully your wife will recuperate quickly.

    With every three month tests, there will be a certain amount of anxiety. I pray your results will always be good. As a born again Christian, I have a strong faith in God and His healing hand. He has carried me through my ordeal. I pray that God will give you His peace that passes understanding.

    Enjoy your dinner. Remember small bites and chew, chew, chew! That was the advise my oncologist gave me.

  • Thanks ruthie for your thoughts and support

  • Rw, Thanks for the update. I hope you and your wife are over the big bumps now and can sail ahead like a couple of kids. Enjoy that meal, sounds lovely!

    Let us know about the scans!!!

  • Thanks Peggy for always being here for advise and support

  • Glad your feeling better! My dad also loves longhorn and it's his go to meal when he's got his appetite back! Praying for you, stay strong!! Myself and my dad are always nervous as heck when it's time for scans because we worry what they will reveal. We find ourselves trying to work out every outcome as we wait or sit in the waiting room for the doctor. I try to remind myself and my dad , that we need to take what we are given and stay the path even if it means we change the route to healing. Don't be afraid, just believe!

  • RW,

    I understand your anxiety, this feels like a big one. Your decision to take care of your wife first does you a lot of credit - I have postponed a couple of things along the way to meet family needs first, and have never regretted it. I hope that steak dinner lives up to expectations, and that you get good news next week.


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