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Hi everyone, I had a CT scan done March 10th that shows 2 new spots on lower lung right side and " inumerable " smaller one 1 to 2 ML in size. The other 2 are 2 to 4 CM. Anyway, my Oncologist said it " could" be an infection but probably not. He have me antibiotic to take because a biopsy would be too risky based on where the new spots are located. I have a second opinion set up on thursday at Abramson Cancer ctr. Anyone ever have a situation like that? I am a bit discouraged at the moment.

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  • Hi Kenny. It sounds like you got some pretty scary news. I don't have any advice, just support. You are doing the absolute right thing in going for that second opinion. Once the cause of these spots is determined, you will at least know what you are dealing with and have some options for treatment. Try to take it one step at a time.

    Good wishes and prayers for you. Keep us posted. We support and learn from each other in this community.


  • I do believe we all hope for little to no change when a CT is done. They found a second 4cm spot on my primary lung the scan before last. Nueropathy,and me choosing to desist treatment of that protocol. Followed by and infection around my port,which resulted in it's removal. I don't the result of the latest CT yet. I'm hoping the cancer hasn't metastasized outside the right lung,yet.

    Changes in our status is something we learn to absorb,adjust to,and finally come to accept. I can't say it doesn't scare the hell out me though. For You...Here's hoping the innumerable spots are only a lung infection curable with antibiotics.

  • Hi Kenny my story sounds so similar to yours. May 2016 had CScan for routine check up. Well a few days later i received a call from my primary that i had a mass in my left lung. Kenny i was so scared and at the time i was out of state taking care of sick daughter. Long story short came home three weeks later and I aggressively made appointments first with pulmonologist who sent me for a Pet Scan and sure enough showed cancer cells. Referred me to surgeon who on July 2016 performed a left lung lobectomy. I did not need chemotherapy, thank God. That was eight months ago! I share my journey in hopes to let you know to get that second opinion if you didn't feel comfortable with your first physician's approach to your treatment. Be strong and God bless you sending love and light🙏😇.....stay in touch

  • Kenny, why not a PET scan? MM are to small for anything to be done. Once in CM action should be taken. Glad you are going for a second opinion. I, too, have four nodules all in mm, largest is 6mm. I am not symptomatic or worried. Keep us posted, take care hugs

  • The CT scan was done with contrast to see if anything new came up. PET scan will get done after I finish antibiotics. The 2nd opinion doctor in Philly said it looks like an infection. Hopefully pneumonia type infection. Another CT scan in 4 weeks.......tx's for the concern and prayers!

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