sarha thank you for the welcome I have been trying to let everyone at healthunlocked that i've been here since may almost a year and they still think i'm new.Iwas going by Jo Taylor the only thing thats changed is I was down a week I had to get a new tablet I come back and now i'm new. I was getting things that said welcome i'm new. I have tried and tried to let them know i'm not new up at the top you'll see Heathunlocked in green i'm right next to that my picture is there I changed my name ToSusie Jo-1948 it has my communitys the little bell and help. Under that is free to breathe. travis named me community super hero so you see i've been on here almost a year. I appreciate you calling me new it makes me feel good.Sarah you have a good day. Susie Jo-1948

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  • Dear Community Superhero,

    I won't say welcome, but welcome back. I wouldn't fret about being referred to as a newbie though. Just think about getting reaquainted with past friends.

    My name is Kathie and I joined so I wouldn't feel so alone in my journey. I am a breast cancer survivor after a double mastectomy. Now I am fighting to beat small cell lung cancer. I am on my third round of treatment. First was chemotherapy, then chemo with radiation therapy. Now I am being treated with immunotherapy called Keytruda. All seems to be going well. I may get a break from treatment in July 2017. It will be nice not to have to go for treatment for awhile. Perhaps the Keytruda will cure me.

    My best regard,


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