olaparib and temozolomid


My dad had his appointment with his Doctor today to discuss the next steps with treatment as his cancer is in his liver. Apparently he can't do immunotherapy because a major side effect is inflammation. Since my dad is taking steroids for inflammation due to his radiation, he can't start the immunotherapy. My dad's steroids go until mid April.

Given that information, the doctor decided to put him back on chemo for 2 cycles, just to keep his cancer at bay because he doesn't want him going 6 weeks with no treatment. After the chemo, he will be doing a clinical trial of "olaparib and temozolomid". Has anyone heard of this or had experience, or has known someone that has done this? I always hate the sounds of clinical trials because they sound like it's the end of the road. Any insight would be appreciated.

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  • Hello Lesleykay 21

    I don't have any experience of these drug but olaparib is being trialled for small cell and non small cell.

    Temozolomid is a oral chemo for brain cancer and is used after 1st line treatment has failed so I wouldn't be too disappointed about clinical trials. They work for some and sometimes they don't work, you don't know which group your father will be, but something is better than nothing. I wish you good luck.


  • Thank you!

  • It's far from the end of the road, clinical trials saves the lives of many cancer patients. Not only dad's but once it hits the market many thousands of cancer patients have a new drug. Susan

  • Good evening pmsusan99. I was never a quieter. I look at life, someone has to be first at taking new drugs. Look at all the patients that went befor me. Scared and worried if they would be the luckily one or just a number. I'm 73 with with a beautiful family, grand-kids and great-grandkids. If taking new meds for cancer will save even one of them it's worth it. I maynot be here but at least I tried . I have Stage 3 lung cancer /kidney damage. Life isn't always fair but God gave me a wonderful life. Yes it's hard right now but my husband and kid are my support group. God is my number one helper. Good luck and God Bless"

  • LesleyKay, please don't feel like clinical trials are the end of the road. As you know all these medications start out in a clinical trial, then valuable information is gathered and they can be marketed if they are effective. I have heard people say that clinical trials are a gift they get, allowing them to contribute to the future for themselves and others, and also giving them another treatment choice.

    However, I also deeply understand how frightening all of this is, and how very hard you are working everyday to keep your father feeling good and moving forward. I know you are a comfort and a dear friend to him...and I know that you are worried and tired. I am so sorry. Please allow me to send virtual hugs - you deserve an ocean of them! Peggy

  • Thanks Peggy!! ❤️

  • You are so welcome...your kind heart is aching, I know. Please know that loving your Dad and caring for yourself (please try to do this) is exactly what you are supposed to be doing. You are working so hard to make everything okay, but what you need to know is that by loving your Dad you are doing everything you possibly can do. By standing by him you give the greatest gift you have to give. Again, bless your heart. Sending strength your way.

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