Stage 3b

I was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer in January I had my left lung removed in February. The pathology report stated that not all the cancer was removed some still left on the pulmonary artery where she cut it off going into the heart. The surgeon couldn't take anymore so now I will be doing radiation and chemotherapy for 3 months together. The pathology report said my cancer was 3b.


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6 Replies

  • jewillillams,

    I am glad you are here with us, but very sorry to hear about your struggles with this terrible disease. Please keep us updated as you move through the treatments. I am sure you will soon hear from the others - support is on its way!

  • So very sorry you have had to go through this. Are they talking about cyberknife is gamma knife radiation? Of course that is the priority right now but if they haven't discussed those as an option then get a second opinion.

    When radiation is finished will they be giving you opdivo? It was approved for squamous before adenocarcinoma.

    Please let us know how you do.

  • I am not sure I think it is just pinpoint radiation. They say I am not eligible for opdivo because your cancer has to be stage 4. I will be starting radiation and chemo the week of March 20.

  • The good thing here is that in point radiation is stereotactic body radiation also know as gamma knife or cyberknife depending on which type they have.

    Let us know what chemo your having when you know and we'll help with side effects. Best hopes.

  • My case is very similar to yours. I had surgery but he did not get it all. I still have a nodule on my 6th rib. I opted out of chemo because I am 74 years old and I did not want to spend all that time being sick from the chemo. I did do radiation. I am in some pain but I can control it with pain medication . I had this Surgery on 2/2/16. The dr. Said I had 6 months to a year, but I can do most everything I did before. I do not regret my decision not to have chemo.

    I Ask for your prayers and I will pray That you recover.


  • Prayers are going out for you,Rhumarb. I have carcinoid lung cancer, they removed my center lob on right side.It is a very slow growing cancer, still have nodules but they havent grown significantly' I take a shot once a month, sandostatin.Its an up and down experience, but if it shoots up to over 100 , something else will have to be used.So far, so good.

    I understand what your feeling. This medicine Im on has no side effects, no nausea, no pain. Maybe you could speak to your oncologist about. I am also in my 70's, will be 71 in a short time, in May.

    If you need to chat, im here.


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