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Hi, I am a 65 year old female who has had adenocarcinoma twice. The first time was in 2007. I was going to have knee surgery and the cancer was found on an xray for pre-op. Sometimes, a bad knee can be a blessing. I had surgery and chemo. Last spring the cancer had come back. That was a shock. It was found during a CT scan for my yearly check up. This time it was radiation and chemo. This was really hard on me and it took awhile to come out of it. I am doing great now and my cancer is in remission. I have been lucky and life is good.

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  • smkupper -

    You ARE a survivor! I bet you are glad that you kept your monitoring appointments so that the recurrence was found while it was treatable. I'm glad you have recovered from the rigors of treatment, and wish you a continued beautiful life.


  • Thank you. I am so thankful that my doctor did still want to do a yearly. I urge everyone to keep these appt. My second cancer was a return of the original which surprised my doctors as most don't come back after 5 years. I guess I just can' follow the rules. Every year you go for a check up, you still feel the fears and what-ifs but to not go you take a chance on something becoming worse. Thank you for the good wishes. My life isn't perfect but it is pretty darn good. Enjoy your day. Shirley

  • smkupper, You are absolutely right - it is pretty darn good. Thank you for sharing your powerful story, so glad you did! Welcome, and please keep visiting - you bring hope and smiles. Hugs, Peggy

  • Thank you. I want people to know that we can beat cancer and I look for the day that all cancers are a thing of the past.

  • Amen.

  • May you continue to enjoy better health and well being. I can't imagine the shock the second diagnosis must have been. Did they biopsy it again?

  • Hi, it was a shock to have the diagnosis. I had a yearly CT scan and that is where it was found. It was March of last year. I am coming up on a year now and I have been more reflective lately. First I had a PET scan and they still weren't sure as the cancer was on the media stenum. Next I had a biopsy. Wait a week and go in for the diagnosis. By then, I knew that it was cancer. What was surprising was that it was genetically the same as the first so it had come back. They acted fast, found the later part of March and I started radiation and chemo in mid April. Considering it has been a year, I feel pretty good. Have a good weekend..

  • You have bravely faced this sneaky disease twice. You are my hero. When first diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in 2015, and after the removal of 2/3 of the left lung, I told people it was like living with the Sword of Democles hanging over my head. That uncertainty has had its positive side in that I live each day to the best of my ability, no longer sweat the small things, eat a healthy diet (very little sugar), and take a ton of supplements which my primary doc approves and my oncologist feels will do no harm. A positive attitude and a feisty spirit round it out. I wish you a very full life. We can't let this miserable disease get us down.


  • Thank you. I am like you. No sense sweating the small stuff. I can remember being so scared the first time I just wanted to run and hide. I was doing the breathing test in the phone booth thingy and starting to panic. She was telling me to breath faster, then deeper and so on. My son was with me in the room; I looked at him and he was breathing those deep breaths. It looked funny and I knew he was helping me. A lot of people were helping me and I had Peace. That was how I got through it. My husband and I are partners and we go through the good and bad. Life is good and we have to go one day at a time and just enjoy it. Take care, Shirle

  • You are all so wonderful, hope your weekend was a sweet one. hugs.

  • Thank you..the weekend was good considering we changed time. Takes me a week to get over it.

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