I am a survivor

Hi..I'm a 65 year old female who has had adenocarcinoma twice. First time was in 2007, stage 2 to which I I had surgery and chemo. Last spring I got it back again. This time I had radiation and chemo. That was tough on me. Both times, I was lucky to have it found in a timely manner. First time was on an xray for a pre-op for knee surgery and the second time was a CT scan for my yearly check-up. Life is good. I am in remission now and am back to living a normal life. I am pro active and talk about early detection and regular check ups.

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  • Very happy you are in remission. I love your spirit. Keep up the good work.

  • Great news. I am a bit confused because I've been told that once the EGFR adenocarcinoma gets into your blood stream you can never be completely cured. I am taking Tarceva to string and eliminate the tumors and would love to know that one day after it is all gone I can just go back to leading a normal life.

  • I admire your spirit and positive attitude. Enjoy your life!

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