Dads still recovering

My dad is still recovering from his radiation treatments. These have really made him weak and tired. He had the radiation on his brain and chest (external beam radiation).

Along with being tired, he is still unbalanced on his feet when walking. He sometimes seems like he has a shortness of breath and has been spiking a fever. His appetite hasn't been great but he still eats throughout the day. The doctor told us it's important he stays hydrated and drinks high protein drinks daily. He has been doing that well.

His shortness of breath worries me because I can tell he's breathing a bit heavier since his radiation. Apparently this is a side effect. Has anyone else had this before? Also the balance issues concern me, but they say it may be due to his brain radiation. Its just all so overwhelming !! He says he has no pain which is a good thing.

He has CT scan at Dana farber on March 14th. We are praying so hard that this brings us good news. Keeping faith in God is so important.

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  • Hi lisamk55. I was very weak and had balance issues for around a month after chemo radiation. Eating and drinking is very important and rest. I did not have radiation to the brain tho. I drank green Gatorade 3 to 4 bottles a day. I also ate chicken bone broth or beef bone broth. The broth made me feel a lot better within 15 minutes. I took AHCC everyday (an immune booster supplement). Do research on this for your piece of mind. Go to Sloan Kettering hospital website for research info on it. Just type in AHCC in the search box and info will pop up. Fresh fruit and veggies everyday day. Eat beef only once a week if you must have beef. Last but not least,( most important , pray and read the scriptures every day. Treat the mind , body and spirit. The whole deal. I was treated at the mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota. Heal the mind, body and spirit is their philosophy and they are exactly right. God Bless Texas 64

    Ps. Google bone broth recipe on the internet

  • Thank you so much for the advice and kind words. It's comforting to know that others have been through these symptoms and he's not alone. I will also have him try the bone broth.

    Thanks again.

  • Yes keeping faith in God is most important. God will never leave you nor forsake you. Keep looking to Him for all your needs.

  • Lisa,

    We'll be thinking of you both on the 14th. Please keep us posted!

  • Keeping faith in God & never give up! Will be praying for clean scans on the 14th.

  • Radiation is extremely debilitating. Especially when it has been to the brain. I don't think I realized just how much until I had radiation for my breast cancer. With the lung cancer radiation I had nothing to compare it to. But a couple weeks after my BC radiation ended a member of my support group comment that my apparent ability to focus and participate had improved.

    If the difficulty breathing is accompanied by pain when breathing seek medical attention. Otherwise, know that the lung has been scarred by treatment and it is not possible to restore function.

  • Please let us know how your experience is at Dana Farber.

  • Dana farber has been great for the most part. My dads oncologist is very compassionate and does a great job at explaining things to us. We are anxious to learn more about his next treatment plan this week.

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