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My name is Lynne I am being treated for stage 3 Endometrial Cancer that materialized in my lungs. I have been in treatment for 3 years following a Radical Hysterectomy. Doc said I will never be totally Cancer free. I have been treated withHeld Paxil and Carboplatin. The Chemo is no longer effective it spread again. I am now on Avastin. Anyone have experience with Avastin or hey maybe the same type of Cancer. I could really use some support. Prayers for ALL.

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Sending prayers of strength and healing. A cancer that has spread to the lungs retains all the characteristics of the site of the original mass, in this case the endometrium. The cancer will respond to treatment as the original and not where the metastasis is located.

Have they biopsied the lung met to make sure that it's not a new primary? Please insist that they do There are basket-type clinical trials going on that are demonstrating that a drug developed for a driving mutation in one type of cancer will work for another primary that has the same driver. This might be your best option for achieving NED. Also demand that it be checked for PDL1 expression


Ask ur Dr about the new immunotherapy drugs. It seems to help some people. It's worth a try. Good luck!!


He put me on Abastin


That's Avastin


Hey thanks sorry that is Metastasized



Sending my best hopes to you. We'll help you as we can, but lung cancer treatments are likely to be different than treatments for endometrial cancer that has metastasized to the lung. Avastin is used in lung cancer, usually in combination with another drug. It helps prevent the cancer from building new blood vessels, and thus keeps it starved of energy, which slows growth.



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