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A few weeks ago I contacted the trial that is asking for people to join. I did it out of curiosity. The lady I talked to was extremely nice. She said that maybe one day they would come up with something to make sure you stayed cancer free. Well I didn't t Mehink anymore about it. Today she called me she was wanting to follow up with me.I have to get a chest xray she wants to know How it turned out,she wants to know if they find anything. She will follow up with the ct scan. I don't know if there getting despais okrate or what but it was kind of nice she was a nice person. I don't expect the cancer to come back but she is going to follow up with me. Well I guess I learned something if it came back would I join a trial? Hopefully I will never have to find out. Talking with her I did learn a few things so it wasn't a total loss. I guess i'll be seeing her until my chest xray and ctscan are over. Me and my curiosity. I'm going to go by my first and second name if that is ok Talk at you later Susie Jo

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  • Susie Jo,

    Wow, that is really impressive. They obviously care and want to walk with you through this - how refreshing! Have to love kindness.

  • Peggy theres got to be more to it than her following me around to see if my cancer is back. Do they care not likelly,they care alright I wander how much they get paid for dragging us into taking drugs.I'm not dumb I know when i'm getting buttered up. So don't worry i'm not about to let them experiment on me. My test will come back normal no cancer. with love Susie Jo

  • OH Peggy Sue They won't get the chance i'm a lot smarter than they are. How do you like your name is it Peggy Sue. How late do you have to work. You don't work on weekends do you. Well if you don't work this weekend have a good one PeggySue.

  • SusieJo-1948 😄😄 oh well my granny said u live and learn she's ,93

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