Balance issues making me more concerned


My dad is staying with me for a couple of weeks and I'm very, very concerned with his balance. He can hardly walk without falling from one room to another. He did just finish whole brain radiation last Thursday, but his balance issues are so bad that he didn't get out of bed while I was at work because he didn't want to fall. I thought he was overreacting but then when I made him dinner- he barely made himself to the table without falling. If I hadn't been helping him, he would have without doubt fallen. He is not in any pain he says, just can't keep balance. My boyfriend is staying home with him tomorrow.

I'm concerned that this implies that his cancer has spread to other areas of his body. Ugh. Any insight would be helpful. 😔🙏

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  • This is likely the effects of the radiation. There has been no time yet for that healing to begin. My mom had trouble as well and we had to use a gait belt. Make sure he stays well hydrated, if you have a cammode, keep it near his bed.

    Maybe stock a table next to the bed with small bottles of water and a few nutritios snacks.

    I don't remember how long my mom was on the decadron taper but be aware of any increased confusion as some patients need to taper slower than others.

    The next couple weeks can be scarier for the caregiver than the patient. If he's not on namenda demand it. He should start a bit of physical rehab. He doesn't have to get out of bed to exercise. There are some exercises he can do laying down to prevent loss of muscle. This is very important as saying about leads to loss of muscle tone.

    Let me know if you want a description of the exercises my mom did.

  • You might want to get a walker until this subsides.

  • Lesleykay,

    As always, Denzie is spot on and BrigidK is right.

    Have you reported this to your Father's medical team? If you haven't, I would, and at that time I would ask about rehab/exercises to assist him during this time. Just a thought.

    You must be so tired, it is incredibly difficult to watch someone we love struggle, and I know you are very close to your Father. This should pass, but meanwhile it is really hard on both of you. Please know we are all thinking about and caring about the two of you.


  • Everyone is different. For me, rads (I've had 3 rounds) brought tremendous exhaustion and some balance issues. I talked to the doctors and was careful about how I got around. The balance issues weren't so bad that I could not get around, I just had to take things slowly and make sure there were things to hold onto while getting around. As time has passed, the balance issues have subsided. I still occassionally have difficulty, but taking things slowly and having things to hold onto has continued to help. Perhaps your Dad can use a walker for awhile until things calm down. There are also gait belts, but that would mean he would have to have a 2nd person there. With a walker he can take his time and have independence - but only if he is capable right now. Hoping for the best for all of you.

  • When in doubt or questions of this nature arise, always call his doctor. They will tell you what to expect and if he needs additional help in walking.

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