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Hi all,

I'm sorry I have not been around for a couple weeks but i have been really sick for the most part. I am finally done with chemo,had my last dose last Thursday . This round was so much worse than the other 3! I have had almost no energy ,as a result I missed 3 of my radiation treatments that have to be made up this week. I truly wish I had pushed a little harder and not missed them so I would be starting to get better today. But anyway what's done is done I just have to go mon,tue, wed then I'm done ! I have not been able to eat for last couple days so I'm guessing that will only get worse til after Wednesday . I will truly be so grateful to sit down and enjoy a good meal when this is over and I am able. I thank god and all of my support people that I have been able to get through it. My best wishes to everyone else that's fighting today,may our success be swift and painless as possible !!!!



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  • RW,

    Been wondering how you are but dealing with flu and bronchitis so very little energy to write. But I'm getting stronger.

    There's just no way to prepare for that extreme fatigue that treatment causes especially when you are doing it concurrently. Maybe we can put our minds together to come up with a new way do describe it when you're ready. I know we tried to warn you it's cumulative but there's just no good way to describe it.

    My pain from radiation started to dissipate about 10 days after treatment ended. What, if anything, have you been using to ease the throat? At this point in my treatment I think I was sleeping 20+ hours of the day. Do remember to get up and walk a bit about the house a few times a day.

    What are you planning for that meal?

  • RW,

    It's good to hear from you. I think everyone who is following your story has been thinking that you have been busy keeping your head above water from treatment side effects. I haven't walked in your shoes (yet) but many people here have and know exactly how you have been feeling.

    It's good to have goals, even if they are pretty short term at the moment. That dinner sounds like a good one. It's time to plan a menu! In the meantime, hope you have found some simple sustenance to keep you going ad that you are moving around, like Denzie suggests.


  • I am so sorry you had such a rough time. They were threatening to postpone my last round because all my counts were getting low and I was weak. I convinced him to let me continue. It was great to be able to enjoy food without it tasting like metal. Good luck to you!!

  • RW

    Great to hear from you! It sounds like your body has been through quite the blow. Chemo and radiation are not easy.. you are fighting this so well, and this cancer will not beat you!

    My dad experienced many of these side effects with the chemo. He recently just finished his brain and chest radiation, this took quite a bit out of him as you can relate.

    Take it day by day, and soon you will be eating your favorite meal again!

    Prayers and healing to you.


  • RW

    I am sorry this has been so hard, sounds awful. I was afraid that was why we weren't hearing from you...darn, wish I had been wrong! But soon you will be looking back at this, not living through it. Enjoy each delicious bite of that meal when you reach that goal, and let us know what you decided to have!

  • I'm sorry to hear you've been so sick. The chemo is not kind to our body. I pray you start to get your strength back and that you'll be able to eat soon, God bless you.

  • Two more days!!!

  • You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am on my 3rd round of chemo with radiation. I have my high doses at 6 and 7. We will get through this!! Thank you for your posts. Wishing you all the best.

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