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Are BLUE Cells A Mith

Are BLUE Cells A Mith

Unrinal's Of My Lung viewed from my compound microscope.

Today am writing about Exploring the full spectrum of lung macrophage and the activation.

Following lung material coughed up as seen threw my pathology microscope.

Particularly Blue Lung Macrophage or as the clinically known as Regulatory Macrophages.

Looking at LEFT of picture you can see coughed up lung tissue emphysematous lung tissue with yellow inflammation, black patches and spots that is pollution and smoking.

You will see a blue spot on picture on left THAT is what i will call a Blue Lung Macrophage or Regulatory Macrophages thats if there are such things colours.

So as your looking at picture LOOK to RIGHT and you can see close up of Blue Lung Macrophage or Regulatory Macrophages

Blue Lung Macrophage or Regulatory Macrophages are part of your innate immunity.

Care and repair SOUNDS great.

And as i have noticed my lung inflammation as not been as yellow or as bad as was when viewed under microscope.

Great news really bit of lung TLC.

But the Blue Lung Macrophage or Regulatory Macrophages have a dark side.

One of tumour formation infiltration, necrosis.

Granuloma, Boop or Diffuse Interstitial Pneumonitis and Sarcoidosis when the Lung Macrophage go wrong.

Are Macrophage really blue and do they exist like what we are looking at.

Macrophages display remarkable plasticity and can change their physiology in response to environmental cues.

These changes can give rise to different populations of cells with distinct functions. In this Review we suggest a new grouping of macrophage populations based on three different homeostatic activities—host defence, wound healing and immune regulation.

We propose that similarly to the three primary colours, these three basic macrophage populations can blend into various other ‘shades’ of activation.

So one as to ask as blue cell unkind motive or is my immunity taking care of any blue cell threat.

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Interesting entry, Jeff. This is new to me so I've no clue what to say. What did your dr say when you showed him the microscopic pics?


My docs think people like me should not read as much as i do.

Neurotic & health anxiety they say when i ask them stuff about lung matrial coughed up.

The think we should not have compond microscopes and try educate our self on whats going wrong with us.

But yer am going to show my lung doc.

As blue cells are real and could be serious.

Have been trying to find out whats up with me for some time since being exposed to asbestos.

So going to ask my lung doc about small blue cell mesothelioma and if that could be that or other form.

Could be macrophage or cell but is defo blue


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