New results from CT Scan with only 2 rounds of Chemo on 2-10-2017

Hello Everyone,

I have been away for a bit, as I was dealing with side effects from a severe reaction to the trial drug I was given. Before my third round of chemo, I had another CT scan. I also had one full bag and three minutes of the trial drug before all went bad and I was removed from the trial.

My Doctor was jumping with joy, as he discuss my results. My tumor in my hila region of my left lung has resolved. Went from 5.1 to nothing. Some post obstructive atelectasis has improved leaving only a residual 0.8 x 1.4cm nodular density in the posterior left lower lobe. Please anyone know what the last sentence means?

My fifth lesion 1.1 nodule left lower lung against a major fissure has decreased from 1.0cm to 0.3cm. There is a 3mm nodule in the right upper lobe is unchanged. (Did not know I had one and not sure what it means by unchanged).

Liver: I had innumerable liver metastases. They have decrease in size and number. The larger lesion was 3.3cm has decreased to 1.6 cm. The next largest lesion was 1.1cm in the right lobe of liver. All other lesions are under 10mm. I have several cysts not cancer which remain unchanged.

My cancer has not spread any place else and may not be in my bones after all. I will find more when I have my fourth round of chemo on 02-27-2017.

Is this normal for SCLC to have such a response with only 2 rounds of chemo?

Does someone know the answers I am not sure about in the report that I put in parentheses?

Would someone agree maybe what little of the immunotherapy I received may of helped in these changes?

My Doctor was not able to answer this, so I just said prayers and miracles.

I welcome opinions on this post. Oh yes I have now lost all my hair...ugh

Thank you Kym

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  • One reason I have been excited to read about usage of immunotherapy drugs in sclc is the amazing response it has had in other types of cancers. Sclc typically responds very well to chemo and radiation. So yes, in my lay persons opinion, you've had a wonderful response to treatment. I don't often get to read sclc clinical summaries post CT though.

    "Some post obstructive atelectasis has improved leaving only a residual 0.8 x 1.4cm nodular density in the posterior left lower lobe."

    A the portion of lung was obstructed by the cancer making it unable to exchange oxygen. The lung has partially collapsed behind the spot where the cancer once existed. Now the tissue that was unable to exchange oxygen has changed in texture

    Drs don't always note every nodule when dictating findings but the radiologist reading this time may have mentioned it because its failure to change with everything else shrinking made it more remarkable. Only a guess, okay?

    Nodules can be caused by many things that are not cancer. It might have been caused by an allergic response or a coughing episode brought on by exposure to fumes or a cold. 90% of lung nodules are not cancerous. Had there been a change in size they would have compared it to your original Ct as well.

    I send hope that the last couple of chemo treatments knock those liver mets right out of there.

  • Denzie, I would of never known that a portion of my lung was collapse due to the cancer. This is such good news. I also heard the Doctor say this as well about nodes and cysts that did not change in the report. And this is the first time, injuries I received in three areas; left pelvic, right femur and neck that it was mention more a diseased issue. Which again leaves my poor bones out of it. I am on to round 4 on the 27th of Feb. I do hope my last two will knock this out. Doctor also wanted to do another liver biopsy and liquid biopsy -lung and mutation testing. There was a question from day one that they maybe another type of cancer going on- they thought lymphoma. So we will see. Thank you for the explaination.

  • It is not unheard of to have more than one type of cancer cell within a single mass. I send hope that you continue to thrive.

  • Kym,

    I've heard of other patients with SCLC having a remarkable response to chemo. Very glad to hear that you are in that particular fortunate group! It's also great news that your bones may not have disease after all. I hope you keep on responding as well as you are.


  • I do hope so too. I will feel better if I hear this 6, 12, 24, months down the road. I also hope to be in a new trial again.

  • I think you are smart to seek out another clinical trial.

  • This sure sounds like great news to me! "Decreased" is amazingly good-given how much cancer was originally there, even nodules that are unchanged can mean good news in that they might not have been cancer to begin with if all the other larger cancerous nodules shrank. I'm so sorry you had allergic difficult response! Stay hopeful and strong...the alternative is a waste of energy.


  • Thank you Jennifer, I am hoping my scans continue to improve. My next steps after chemo is to be tested for any mutations etc. I hope to be in a new trial by this year. I am not giving up.

  • Kym, you have such a wonderful attitude. Keep fighting, we need you in this world of ours - strong and pumping up the other folks fighting that battle. Such hope-filled news:)

  • That does sound like a fantastic response, so congratulations! I am very curious how much weight your oncologist is putting on the Atezolizumab for this success. Best of luck to you for continued success with your treatment -- and staying away from nasty side effects.

  • He did not think it had a effect. The researcher did, I guess it is a matter of opinion. Thank yoo

  • Thank you!

  • You are doing great!. Your hair loss really is nothing compared to what else you have been through. Keep up with your wonderful attitude. Staying positive helps.

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