Staying positive and hopeful for my dad with small cell lung cancer

My dad was diagnosed June 2016, with small cell lung cancer. It started with a bad cough and a loss of voice , and after going to the hospital , we got some of the worst news of our lives.. it was lung cancer. This has been a very emotional,scary, nerve wracking journey, but my dad is doing everything he can to get through this. I remind him everyday he will beat this cancer, no matter what the statistics say. God is far more powerful than any cancer .

So far hes had 6 months of chemo therapy, which was one week of chemo and 21 days off. He is being treated at Dana-Farber Cancer Center. He was very sick through this. He had a partial response from the chemo where the tumors shrunk significantly but not completely gone, so the doctors wanted to start him on radiation therapy for the brain and chest. He also got his voice back!! That was the best day!!

He will finish his radiation this week. He's been having radiation every week day for the last 2 weeks. He feels very tired, unbalanced on his feet, and his eyes are watery a lot. At times his appetite isn't great, but he is managing his weight very well. We take it day by day.. but at times he feels defeated. It's hard to see my dad go through this... he's the strongest person I know, and a great father.

He will have scans in the coming weeks and we are praying so hard for good news. I believe he will get through this and leaving it to God to heal him. He's a fighter! This summer he says he wants to be able to swim in the lake... I remind him that he WILL!! Refusing to lose hope.

All prayers helps!


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  • Lisamk55 hi i'm Jo what kind of cancer has your dr said isn't .I think your father will make it I'll be here if you need someone to talk to. I'm hear for your with love Jo Taylor.

  • Thank you Jotaylor. My dad has small cell lung cancer. It's in his right lung, and lymphnodes in his neck on the same side. They also found a pea size spot on his brain, which is why they wanted to do radiation on the brain.

    Overall, he's doing the best he can.. but feels tired a lot with low energy. Praying he will get through this everyday.

  • When anyone gets the lung cancer diagnosis, it's devastating. When he gets a break, at least a month from the treatments, he'll start to get some of his strength back. He'll start to feel better and his outlook will seem brighter.

    He's body has taken a brutal blow from the chemotherapy and radiation, not to forget the cancer. He has to keep his faith in God because even though he can't see Him or touch Him, he has his hand on your father. He's brought Him this far and in God's Word, the Bible, God has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us. I hope you're involved in a church but if not, call your local churches or Pastors and ask them to add him to their prayer lists. There's power in prayer.

    May God strengthen your Dad, you and your family.

  • Thank you Ruthie. I believe God is working to heal him. Thanks for the kind uplifting words!

  • Lisa,

    What a long journey, your words certainly convey the ups and downs it involves. So glad he has his voice back so you two can talk about all things great and small! I know it is painful to walk with someone you love on such a frightening breaks our hearts sometimes. You seem to have a wonderful way of grabbing the moment, though, and enjoying each victory, and your love for your Father certainly shines through each word. Bless you both, please keep talking to us - we all get so attached to one another in this community, we need to hear how each soul is doing day to day!



  • Hi

    Sounds like you have a DIAMOND of a Dad. You are right PMA positive mental attitude helps enormously, and YES the power of prayer is stronger than any medication or therapies. I will pray for your dear Dad's speedy recovery - keep strong xx

  • Thank you so much for your kind words and the prayers . They mean so much to us.

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