Offering Faith, Hope and Love

I am 63 years old and was diagnosed with srage IV small cell lung cancer in June of 2015. My lung cancer was inoperable. As of today, I have been battling survival joyously, one day at a time for 20 months. This past Friday I completed 78 total treatments of chemo since July of 2015. No radiation. I have only been able to go 2 months with a clear CT scan before it returns. This form of lung cancer is incurable and will continue to return. In spite of that, I remain positive every day with every breath God gives me. I started out with cancer in my right lung, chest lymph nodes and liver. Upon return, its only been in my right lung and chest lymph nodes. I am eternally grateful to my doctor, my oncology nurses, and medicine. But most of all I'm grateful to my Lord. Without God walking this journey with me I couldn't have made it. He has provided strength to me physically, spiritually and emotionally. I do not take one minute of any day for granted. I do not slip into despair when I have a bad day. I had bad days before cancer. My goal is to uplift others, to shine the light, to pass on His glory. During this journey I have recognized that ALL glory goes to Him. God bless all of you. 💜💙

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  • I love your faith and your positive attitude

  • Lifzgr82 And god bless you too. Have you thought about doing a trial it may help. You take one day at a time and really enjoy it. If you want to talk i' here Jo Taylor

  • Lifzgr8t,

    What a wonderful attitude! I have noticed how well friends who have a deep belief like yours do. You use the acceptance that comes from faith to take care of the hard stuff, leaving you free to enjoy the beauty of being alive and of loving others. Thank you for sharing. My heart feels warmer after reading your words. Sending best hopes for many more beautiful days.


  • Lifzgr8t So happy to hear your survival post. Thanks for sharing. My mom (81) had cancer in those same areas but she didn't want any treatment. If you don't mine sharing what was your treatment plan that got you to this point. I'm quite sure it can give others hope. Thanks

  • Thank you for sharing. God is good . I will pray for you. Love your spirit.

  • Lifzgr8t, I too have small cell and feel the same as you ... God does help us !!!!!

  • Lifzgr8t,

    Well, thank you for that!!!! What a joyful wind blew into the room with your words...just cleared out any shadows and said, "Here I am!!!".

    Bless your heart!

  • Lifzgr8t you are a blessing to all of us...knowing where grace comes from....this is certainly your purpose to spread God's mercy and love ! Your right also...we all had bad days before cancer....I see it this way....each day I get to open to gifts from eyes and when each day starts its almost an unspoken prayer...*you gave me another day Lord and I choose how to use it, please let me use it to YOUR Glory!* Thank you for lifting us all and many more blessings and gifts to you sir...inspiring

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