DNA Study Finds New SNP Genetic Links to Melanoma

Published today in the journal Oncotarget, this genome wide association study quickly replicated 21 genetic variants associated with melanoma that were identified from seven other studies.

In addition to replicating those variants, the study found one novel variant near a gene region known as BASP1 which could be protective against melanoma. The researchers found that in individuals with this form of cancer,

The expression of BASP1 was suppressed, conferring an almost two-fold increased risk.

This implicates a potential tumor-suppressive role for BASP1 in melanoma,” the researchers said.



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  • My husband been diagnosed with NSCLC. Is there any relationships with melanoma & lung cancer? After losing all his hair from chemo, he has discovered a few spots that don't look normal.?.?

  • Hi sadly there is IF doctors not been proactive or cought out early.

    If your husband see's out new he needs to tell doctors right away as could try diffrant treatment till one works.

    This lady is going threw same process


  • Thanks! He saw his Oncolagyst yesterday & he told us to make an appointment with GP. So tomorrow (hopefully) he sees his GP and she will schedule a biopsy. Thanks again Jenni

  • Hi cheers glad could help .. hope all go's fine and ends up nothing to worry about

  • 😊

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