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I'm currently cancer free from stage 2 nsclc squamous cell I had 2 lobes of right lung removed followed with ciplatin and docetaxel chemo for 4 rounds. I'm eating healthy and working on getting stronger. It's been recommended by different folks that I try AHCC and Organifi or Patriot Power Green. Does anyone take AHCC or organifi? I'm interested in your results especially effects on your energy and immune system.

Thanks Helen

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  • Glad you are feeling better. I was stage 1B NSCLC and had my upper right lobe removed followed by 4 rounds of chemo. It took me a while to get my energy back, I just did a little bit of walking each day and slower have built up my energy level. It has been a little over 3 years and I get winded easily, but I still do cardio exercises in an attempt to not get winded as easily.

  • Thanks for the response. It's encouraging to hear you are 3 yrs free. I try to exercise but I still have so much bone pain that its difficult. Also it's good to know I'm not the only that gets winded easily. Good luck

  • Hi Helen. I had stage 3b nsclc last March. My doctor told me to take 6000mg of AHCC for 2 weeks then 1000 mg a. Day for the rest of my life. My treatment plan was carboplatin/taxol for 6 treatments. Radiation was at the same time. I didn't burn very bad from radiation and I never threw up or got nauseated. But the best thing was at 2.5 weeks my tumor and lymphnodes shrunk 75%. At 4 weeks the tumor and all the disease in my chest was dead( per my oncologist). My primary care says that AHCC made the tumor sensitive to the chemo radiation. I say God with the help of Drs at Mayo and AHCC is what killed that cancer. God Bless and stay strong

  • Thanks I will definitely start taking AHCC

  • What is AHCC I'm at 2.5 week stage in my radiation and I'm interested

  • Hi Karyn. Go to the Sloan Kettering website and on the web page is a search space. Type in AHCC. It will take you to a page with links to studies and explanations about this supplement. In short it is made from mushrooms in Japan. It is used in over 700 hospitals in this country and AHCC is used in Europe for many years. AHCC is an immune booster. There is a lot of information on the Sloan Kettering site. I encourage you to read and research to see if this is something you would be interested in. God Bless

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