Silent worries

By precious husband had his entire left lung removed in Oct. 2016 after accidentally discovering a stage 3B NSCLC wnen getting pre op for a broken hip. Had his usual 6 mo. ct on Monday. Found a right mid lobe area of concern and had biopsy today. Now we get to wait a week. Is there a particular route taken for a recurrence in Hus one remaining lung? I'm a wreck but I'm also the "strong" one. Just trying to figure out what I might expect. Thank you and God bless all this extended "family".

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  • I had radiation on 1 tumor - find out next week if it was successful and if it is an option for the remaining tumors in both lungs. Perhaps radiation can help your beloved husband.

  • Isn't it amazing that you feel like you're the only one with a cancer scare only to find so many others staring this demon in the face. Everything has happened so fast and the thought of losing him is new and terrifying. Prayers for a good report for you this week and thank you for the suggestion.

  • That has been my fear for the last 2 ct scans since they are watching a growth on my left lung. I I had my upper right lobe removed in Nov of 2013, followed by 4 rounds of chemo since the cancer was right on lining of lung. It it still to small to a biosopy so it has been a just wait and see. I am hoping you hear positive news, my fingers are crossed.

  • Thanks for the good wishes. Waiting is the hardest part. Keep up the fight.

  • As Anrean suggested radiation is likely to be offered. In the meanwhile, if the biopsy shows cancer he would now considered stage 4. If it turns out to be a malignancy they will be testing it for targetable mutations and protein expressions- which is medical speak for learning what drives the growth - so they can choose best possible chemo or precision medicine for treatment. Did he have chemo after his first surgery? If yes, what chemo agents did they use?

  • God bless you and your husband. I'm sure his doctors are on top of this and are going to make the right decision for his care.

    Keep the faith and keep encouraging your husband to be strong. He needs your support and love. It will strengthen him for whatever is coming down the road.

    May God give bothe of you the strength and peace needed at this time.

  • austin2k3 Hi i'm Jo I'll hope and pray for you and your husband. My left lung has two lobes my upper lobe was removed done six months chemo. Now I am cancer free starting my forth year. Now I want you to believe and stay strong and fight fight fight.all of us are with you if you need anything just ask. were here for you Jo Taylor

  • Thank you, Jo. Friday seems like a million years from now. I'm VERY happy for your results.

  • Hi Jo Taylor, congrats on the four years of cancer free. I'm very encouraged to hear that. I'm also cancer free since march 2016 and finish chemo mid July 2016. I still have fatigue and bone and joint pain from chemo. Does this ever go away

  • Hi Austin, waiting is very ,VERY hard! All kinds of awful stuff goes on in your thoughts. You just keep supporting your husband in any way you can. I also have to have a cat scan and mammogram first week of March. Had middle lobe out due to lung cancer,but so far I doing ok. The test is just precaution . So you see, we don't have to think the worse. I am given a shot once a month, Sandostatin to keep things under control. There are many options out there, his doctors,I'm sure, will do what's best for him. We will all be thinking of you and husband and will be in our prayers. So, hang tough!!

  • Helenmcq51 I can't tell you if it will or not everyone is different I' still have some pain but not as bad as it was. It was really bad for a long time. It has been recently that the pain is not as bad. hopefully yours won't last as long. good luck i'll be thinking of you. you can write me any time I'll be hear Jo

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