Cancer-free for now after lung surgery

So I had my lung surgery on the 17th of January surgery went very well they was able to remove all of the cancer thank God course the recovery is very long and slow and I ain't going to lie it's a bit difficult so but one day at a time I'm I'm breathing well I'm just having a hard time managing the the surgery pain more my shoulder would love to get off these drugs I hate them I hate them I hate them but anyway life is looking up and man I read all these posts about everybody with the cancer and it it makes me very sad and I'm praying for all you guys cuz it's rough and I know it's rough so good luck everybody and thank you for all your wishes and your prayers God bless

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  • Kirk,

    Thank you for getting back to us! I am thrilled to hear that they got the cancer. Did you ever get the financial help you needed? I know you were in a pretty tough spot. I am so glad you stayed connected with us, and look forward to hearing more about your road to recover!


  • Well I got a little bit of help with some rent through a social worker at one of the Cancer Centers but other than that everybody's being really weird and and sketchy but whatever I've got a little bit of money out of my fundraiser but not enough to cover all the bills so next month is going to be real rough and those things change but that's life right thanks for your reply God bless

  • Talk to the social worker about setting up a payment plan and ask if there is a "charity discount." Very often there is, and it is helpful to stay in communication with your providers so they know you are doing your best to pay their bills. As long as you make a token payment, they are usually happier. I'm on my 5th primary cancer and have found that there is help out there - you just have to beat down a lot of doors to get it. One of the things I found that helped is to be very adamant about not paying anything that goes to collection - if you send me to collection, you get nothing; if you work with me on a payment plan, I will keep paying. That's my motto and it has worked so far, even when all I can afford each provider is $10 a month - at least I am working on it and they appreciate that, Also, Medicaid is an option. The more honest you are and the more you show them that you are trying, the less pressure.

  • Thank you so much for the advice a lot of the bills that I'm dealing with his like auto insurance and they don't care they're not going to take a minimum payment whatsoever I have dealt with the social workers and whatnot and they've given me x amount of help and that is all that they're willing to do for a whole year so I have to wait an entire year to get any more help from them they help pay like 3 months for the rent but that was it so here I am thank you so much for your reply and then to all your help but I will definitely take that advice into consideration thank you

  • Great advice!!!

  • So sorry for the additional stress finances have put you in. It's hard enough without that burden. I wish for you some peace so you can use your energy to heal.

  • Thank you. I have had the surgery, and at this time I am cancer free, still dealing with pain from surgery, but back to work!

  • Kirkmills1,

    So glad to read you got through your surgery successfully and that you are recovering well. Hooray! Here's hoping for NED from here on out for you.


  • That is wonderful news you are very Bleesed and I'm so happy for you. Good luck from here on out.

  • So glad the surgery went well. Just remember to take 1 day at a time. Sending you a big hug.

  • Not to big it might hurt lol :)

  • Keep up that sense of humor

  • Congratulations at putting the surgery behind you so you can focus on healing.

  • I'm glad you're surgery went well. I pray that God will strengthen you and help you to better cope with the pain.

    God bless you.

  • thank you 1 day at a time!

  • I'm also cancer free for now. I had 2 lobes of my right lung removed march 2016. Had a brain MRI and lung Ct scan last month and both were clear. Thank you God. Pain is difficult and I too hated all the pain medicine but u need it right now to function eat healthy and keep moving. Good Luck Helen

  • kirkmills. Will be thinking of you glad your doing so well. we will all be here for you. Jo Taylor

  • The pain is difficult, but does diminish with time. I needed those pain pills a lot longer than I wished, but would not have done very well without them. Was very happy to start non narcotic pain meds. Hang in there.


  • Thank you for your post! I had the upper right lobe removed on Jan. 10, 2017. There's so much pain in different areas on my right side and they seem to jump around. I also started having minor issues with my throat due to where they went in to take biopsys of my wind pipe. Last night I tried not taking my pain medication and had a terrible night sleeping... I've been only taking a pill at night and trying to go without during the day.

    I have also noticed the acute sense of smell and taste since surgery. I also didn't need any other treatment .


  • it sure takes some getting used to that's for sure. I'm finely back to work, but i have to have a helper for now! You hang in there it will get better!

  • I had complete lung surgery on Dec. 29, 2016. Apparently all I keep hearing about is Chemo and Radiation. Will you be receiving those treatments too? Glad you survived such a serious major surgery.

  • So happy for you! For now the pain meds are a necessity, but in time you will slowly not need as much and will eventually get off them.

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