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I would like to thank everyone for your support. This is how my day went. We go to check in and the first thing this lady does is spray a can of Lysol spray in her office. I start coughing real bad. Then this other woman decides she is going to spray a can of Lysol in the waiting room. I couldn't stop them fast enough. I had to get out of there I couldn't breath and was chocking. Larry and I got on the Elevator and my legs started shaking. We got off the elevator I was very unsteady, I don't know how many steps we took, but the next thing I knew is I was on the floor. They wanted me to go to emergency but I didn't want to have to re scheduled my biopsy. So wheel chair bond was I. 6:30 they took me back. Then every time a nurse came in she hit the hand sanitizer. I would start coughing again. The doctor came in and she could hear my lungs before she listened to them. She wanted me to have a breathing treatment. I told her to just have them stop putting on the hand sanitizer around me. It took two sticks before the got blood. Then this nurse put in an IV and I have never had someone push it in so far, It was the first time Larry has ever heard me scream. During the biopsy the doctor tried to numb me and then started cutting into me. I told her I wasn't numb yet. So She numbed me again. When the doctor was pulling out the bone marrow it took four people to hold me down . It was very painful to me. The medication didn't take effect until the biopsy was done.. Thank God this day is over for me. I am not looking forward to the lung biopsy next Monday after today. I just realized, I never did get my coffee I do appreciate all the support from all of you. Thank you again...Danna

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  • Sorry you had such a bad experience, Danna. When I went for my initial consult before starting chemo, they gave me a handout saying don't use perfumes, lotions,etc. Strong smells still bother me. I was with my husband at the doctor recently. He fainted and was falling. I was trying to help hold him up. They started waving smelling salts under his nose. I started choking and gasping to breathe, so, i can relate. You would think people would be careful, Especially medical workers!

  • I think people who work in the work place need to be care full in perfumes at work. I use to get instant migraines. Now I just choke to

  • Boy it sounds you had a horrible morning, I am so sorry you had to that. Hopefully, the lung biopsy will go better. Unfortunately, for me during this whole process I learned that my veins roll- which means they stick me a lot and have a hard time finding my veins. I have learned to drink a lot of water the day before to attempt to plump up my veins. You may want to try that and also tell them to use a pediatric size needle- size 25 (I think). Hopefully you are now relaxing and have gotten your coffee.

  • Thank you I did relax with a cup of coffee this morning. Taking it easy for the day.

  • Danna,

    I sent a reply to you in your other thread! Just saw this one.

  • I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience. You would think they know not to use any aerosol in that type of environment. It sounds like you went from one bad experience to the next. I pray you next biopsy goes better.

  • Thank You Ruthie. I had panic attacks all day Wednesday after having the chance to replay every in my head.

  • Danna, so sorry to hear the hell you went through. May be the tec's that have to so call help us should think more of us then themselves . Just know God is on our side. Take one day at a time, talk to your Dr. Let him know that you need more meds for the biopsy. Mine did not hurt. I have stage 3 lung cancer. No surgery, cancer is in nods. Just let God be in your healing. Oh,knock the -------out of some of those nice helpers. Lol

  • Hi Sue, I'm new to the group but I'm curious why they told you no surgery at stage 3 and it's in your nodes I have 3A and it's in three of my nodes but we are talking about possible surgery

  • There is cancer in 3 of the nodes and the Dr. Said it would spread . They did say if I wanted surgery they would have to take my right lung and. The nodes in middle of my chest . I would be confined to an oxygen machine 24-7. And really no life. I go back on the 20th of this month. He is also talking about trying Andoveo. But that work's with your immune system. I also have fibromiagia. And that also works against your immune system. So God is good to me, I could have something else. Lol. Dr. Said I have a good sense of hummer. Hell I have to laugh at something , so it may as will be me. All joking aside, God is looking after me. I believe in my God.

  • Thank you,its amazing me how Dr, all have different options.I have a pet scan on the 21 then I meet with the surgeon .We talked about removing the lower lope and all the nodes in my chest.She did not mention being on oxygen.

    I agree hummer is the best medicine and of course my grandkids keep me going.Take care

  • My hubby had his entire lung removed after diagnosis of stage 3 adeno with lymph node involvement. Several lymph nodes removed as well. He has occasional shortness of breath but no oxygen required. Maybe a second opinion? God bless you and give you comfort on this journey.

  • Thank you Sue. I sat back Wednesday and thought about it all and realized that I went through the whole biopsy with out being completely numb and no meds. They didn't take effect until i was in the recovery room.. Monday I have a lung biopsy, I am not looking forward to it,

  • Sue , Your right the lung biopsy didn't hurt. My lung hurt last night. I am still coughing up blood. They also made use they didn't use hand sanitizer. I am hoping no more biopsy's. Have a wonderful day....Danna

  • Very sorry you've had this ordeal. I hope Monday goes smooth.

  • This a

    Absolutely should not have happened to you. It is not acceptable, and you should have a long conversation with your doctor about how you will never accept this kind of treatment again. I had the same not completely numbed experience and the doctor stopped immediately until the meds took effect! Perhaps it is time to look for a more caring doctor who is not in such a rush that you are put in such pain.

    As for the lysol and hand sanitizers, that is also not acceptable - they know they are dealing with lung cancer patients and should be more than aware that any strong spray in the air will only exacerbate things!!

    Good luck with your biopsy - I pray they take much better care of you

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