Anticipating treatment

I will probably be starting treatment in the next couple of weeks and it is so scary and emotional especially when I read the stories of others I'm still having pain in my left shoulder and back only Naprosyn helps I'm grateful sometimes the information is over whelming I know it is critical that I know the information so I can know what will happen and the questions to ask but every time I read something or talk with the drums I start to cry and I can't help it

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  • Karyn, you've had the scariest diagnosis anyone could hear. When we were young this was an automatic death sentence. Fortunately this is no longer true with the advent of precision medicine that uses the cancers own DNA as a tool to suppress or destroy it and our ability to retrain our immune system.

    Please talk to your dr about using an antidepressant. These medications were developed to give patients,like you and me, a tool we need to fight the cancer. Depression obstructs the body's ability to fight back.

    The meds take a couple weeks to work so the sooner you start the better. Know, too, that you don't have to stay on them forever.

  • Hello Karyn. Hope this finds you having a good day. My day so far is chilly, rainy, and light to medium winds. Most people can't handle today's weather. I love it when the weather is like this. On days like this I usually don't have a doctor appointment. Scheduled for CT Scans on abdomen, chest, and the pelvic area next week. I have small cell lung cancer. Diagnosed approximately 04-2014. I'm on my third round of treatment. First two were treatment with standard chemo and radiation. Now I am getting Keytruda (It is an autoimmune treatment) each three weeks. It has been (the treatment with Keytruda) very good to me so far. Sometimes I wake with a headache, which is not all that bad. I have NO nausea with Keytruda. The nausea and headaches are minimal at this point.

    Karyn I wish you healing and strength to keep going.



  • Hi Kathie,

    Thank you for sharing your story. My dad has small cell lung cancer as well. He was diagnosed, June, 2016. This is so hard, because he is my best friend and my father. He completed his chemo, and had a partial response. The tumors shrunk dramatically, but did not completely go away. They were small enough for radiation, so he is currently doing that treatment now.

    We are praying he will get through this! Medicine has come so far, and trusting in God plays a big part.

    Did you find the radiation helped at all? Can you shed any light on how you responded to that? Thank you.

  • Karyn,

    Thank you for keeping in touch, I was wondering how you were doing. Please don't be hard on yourself about the fear and crying - it is natural. Denzie offers her usual wonderful advice and I completely agree. This illness throws your chemistry off, the medications help to put that all back in balance...please talk to your medical team about your sadness and try to be open to taking an antidepressant if they suggest doing so. And keep that conversation going with your team as you move forward - don't be shy about telling them how you are feeling, any side effects you experience, etc. They are on your side in this journey. I hope you can find some way to disconnect from the anxiety and find your strong core.

    Caring hugs,


  • May God give you strength and peace as you begin this chapter of your life.

  • I think most of us have gone thru what you are and the people and advice they give here is great....just try to keep positive because that in itself is a huge part of cancer IMHO and trusting is another huge part....hang in there and keep the faith !!

  • We all have been where you are now, and know it is overwhelming. I had pity parties for myself, then would take a deep breath and start the fight again. Don't beat yourself over what you are feeling, just allow yourself to feel, then take a deep breath and keep fighting.

  • I can certainly relate to your fears. Its an unknown journey. As i have said, I wasn't mentally prepared for the first round. It got easier after. I had a spectacular oncologists. His nurses were awesome. I soon found we were kinda a mini family. In the infusion room there were several getting treatments at once. You share stories and watch tv. They offered drinks, snacks, blankets, anything to put you at ease. All this was very helpful. Try to keep a positive attitude. It is your best ally!

  • Hi Karyn,

    These feelings/emotions are normal. There is so much unknown. My dad is battling lung cancer right now, and I remember this past June when we were read the worst news ever ( that he had small cell lung cancer). I remember crying a lot because I was scared for him. I think i took the news worse then he did! I could not eat, I didn't want to go anywhere.. it was an awful to go through. We knew NOTHING about cancer, or treatment options. Seeing my dad be scared was not easy either. But I will tell you, that when you have these situations, you can choose 1 of 2 things. You can be positive, or you can have fear. I have found that being positive is the only thing you can do. Remain hopeful, and have faith in God that you will get through this. You are not alone. Also, do not read statistics and stuff online. Much of it is out dated, and every person is different. Don't group yourself with others. Take it one day at a time, and remember, God is bigger than any cancer.

    My dad has been through chemo and now is in radiation. We are praying for good news and that this cancer leaves his body.

    You can do this! Positive thoughts coming your way...

  • My oncologist said to avoid reading anything that is older than 6 months - things are changing fast, and we have to remember that by the time we get the info it has gone through at least a year of peer reviews and editing.

  • Hi Karyn,

    The word cancer is a very scary word to hear so everything your feeling is the same feeling we all feel. I am Farley new to the group and I can say this group gives very good advise. I feel blessed to have a support group to talk to. I have been on antidepressants before my news of having lung cancer and thankful I was. Take the advise and talk to your cancer team about your feelings and ask for help.

    Prayers and hugs your way

  • Try & do anything! Get immunotherapy drugs; no matter what they say. My husband never had the chance to use it. When I think about it, it was a time of war & you are (& family) the warriors. Everyone here is with you ❤️

  • I felt exactly like you. Quite normal. Once I started treatments I concentrated on how I was feeling. Prayed alot. Stayed in the moment. Good luck. Trust yourself.

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