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Can anyone weigh in on what information was given regarding supplements during treatments. I was told none. I am exhausted and sick and read that B12 injections help and are not condisidered an anti-oxidant. Also, my oncologist does not want to do radiation and chemo at the same time. I read often here that a lot of people are doing this. Not sure why mine won't. Lastly, I am on a 3 drug chemo cocktail of Carboplatin, etopiside and portrazza. Anyone else on 3? Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Mitch, I was given 2 B12 shots before chemo started, 1 week apart and another before my 4th infusion. My cocktail was different than yours, I was on carboplatin/Alimta so not sure if the protocol would be the same. Every oncologist seems to be different when it comes to advice on supplements. Mine agrees with me taking curcumin but not keen on some antioxidants. I haven't had radiation so can't speak to that. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Wished I had known of B12 shots. I did chemo & radiation at the same time. My cocktail consisted of carboplatin & forgot the other name. I had turmeric during & after in my food & never told my oncologist. Fatigue was worse after completed treatments. Should have done B12. Not out of the woods yet so glad I read your reply. Thanks.

  • Hi-You may want to look into a natural path Doctor also,When i have treatment she said no antioxidants ,they have a adverse effect on your chemo,I take B12 2 times a day.I also take epimune complex.which is a mushroom,I also use Frankincense on my upper part of my feet,your lung pressure points are there.They say it goes right into your system.As you can tell I struggle with Western medicine,I will try as much alternative I can.Take care

  • I have been on B 12 shots for a long time ,even during chemo .I just call my pharmaceutical company, which is out in Kansas, & ask any questions that I may have .I am now on Tarceva, once a day ,which has given me side effects ,every day is different for me now .If you want I can pass on the phone no.for the pharmacy Co. THEY have been great to me ,very pleasant .I take biotin , ginger root & prebiotic pills now ,I called & asked if I could first .Good luck &God Bless you .Mimi

  • Oh ,I forgot in 2015 I took chemo & radiation at same time .12 chemo treatments & 33 radiation treatments .I did well till fall of 2016 had a cyst removed & it was cancer again ,so now I am on Tarceva .I go for Pet scan Feb. 6 ,then to oncologist on the 9 .I feel good ,but have big D everyday .So you can take some oc pills .I have a "great Onocoligist ".

  • I pray everything goes well for you and pray for healing.

  • Praying for you. Wishing for the best. Keep us posted.

  • Concurrent chemo and radiation is extremely debilitating. Sequential is preferred for the majority of patients and can you imagine being even more fatigued than you already are? B-12 is the best recommendation. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and boost your iron naturally.

    How are your blood levels? Are they low? Marginal? Is it time to explore having a transfusion? If you get copies of all your tests please check the numbers on these are the standard

    Hemoglobin: 13-17 g/dL (men), 12-15 g/dL (women)

    Hematocrit 40%-52% (men), 36%-47 (women)

    Red blood cell distribution width (RDW): 11.5%-14.5%

    White blood cells (WBC) 4-10 x 10^9/L

    Neutrophils: 2-8 x 10^9/L

    Lymphocytes: 1-4 x 10^9/L

    Monocytes: 0.2-0.8 x 10^9/L

    Eosinophils: < 0.5 x 10^9/L

    Platelets: 150-400 x 10^9/L

    I remember my dr paying closest attention to the Neutrophils to decide whether I needed one. Thiis is for general knowledge and please don't ask your dr to base a treatment decision like that on what I have shared. All values they check are not listed here and these are not all used in making transfusion decisions.

  • I have some that are either high or low but they say I can still have chemo. One I notice today has me concerned since I have severe calf pain is my SGOT. It is about 76 with the high margin being 38 in the reference range. That is double.

  • Your oncology practice should have someone on call you can ask about this. With that extra pain you may want to give them a call. My personal experience is my onco office would rather hear from me. Please let me know what they say.

  • Thanks for sharing standard numbers but you are so right always ask your oncologist.

  • I was on Carboplatin and Etopicide and was also having radiation every day. I was not given any supplements but like you, I was totally exhausted and the chemotherapy made me very sick. Even though I took the anti nausea pills prescribed by the doctor, I was still very sick.

    It wouldn't hurt to try the B12 that someone recommended but remember that what works for one may not work for you.

    Hang in there as I can tell you that this will pass and when your treatments are done, you will feel better. Prior to treatments, I had been very active but since then I have not regained the original level of energy. It's been a year since my last treatment.

    I pray that you will start to feel better soon and that you handle the radiation well.

    May God give you the strength to face the road ahead. God bless you.

  • Thanks Ruthie. Prayers for healing.

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