Hello again...it's me fabymire!!!

Hi everyone!!!...I bet you are wondering what??...well I don't know why I can't log in on my old account, so I'm here again. Well I'd like to let you know that my husband is doing great, the results of CT Scan said no spread and the scar tissue is shrinking, so very good news!!!...I'm soooo happy!!!... he is feeling better that he really wants to work again, he missed doing all his activities, but Dr said it's not time yet. I guess he has to hang out with me still hahaha!!!. So he will be on Tarciva indefinitely mean while it is working. Our next appointment will be on February 9th, so we'll see!!!...So I'm happy to be here again hugs and kisses for everyone!!!...See you soon!!! God bless you all!!!😉😉

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  • Super news. Celebrate!

  • Yippee and welcome back! May February 9th be a great day!

  • Fabymire -

    This is good news for sure! Fingers crossed for a positive consultation on the 9th. The fact that your husband is feeling like himself again is the best news.


  • Welcome back! Now we know why you were quiet for a spell. Your spirit and enthusiasm are a welcome presence.

  • fabimire,I miss you more than I can say so hello,how long to you plan to stay. I hope for awhile. Love Jo

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