NSCLC Stage IV with mets to brain

Hi. I am new here. I was diagnosed with nsclc on October 23rd. Needless to say, when this was staged at 4, I freaked out. My doctor claims this has only been 3-6 months in my body when I was told. How can that be? I had clean CT for smokers screening 2 years ago. Currently taking 3 drug cocktail of chemotherapy and had 3 treatments prior to this of cyber knife radiation therapy on my brain tumors(3) with a 4th appearing at recheck MRI. the other 3 have shrunk.

I am raising my 11yr old grandson with my husband. This diagnosis has been really hard on my Teddy. I am his "other" mom. His mother is an addict and his father, my son, passed away in January of 2016.

The struggle is real. . .

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  • I am so sorry for all that you have experienced! You are right, it is certainly a struggle. You have had so many losses, challenges and setbacks...how hard this has been for the three of you, again, I am just so sorry.

    Please feel free to email me at pbezruki@freetobreathe.org if you need any resources for financial help, co-pays, support groups, etc., I would be happy to email that information to you. Also, if you are interested in our Patient Information Kit, please email me your address - all of our materials are free.

    Welcome, and please know you are not alone - this community is a great group of caring people! Let's keep talking!

  • Thank you Peggy. I will let you know. The big bills haven't begun to pour in yet. Is is taking them forever to get the initial treatments coded correctly and finally start paying so I know what out of pocket cost that I will be looking at. God Bless-Go well.

  • Mitch54952,

    I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your husband have done such a wonderful thing by taking in your grandson, and it sounds like he is happy with you. I'm sending you all best hopes for a good response to treatment and much more time with your husband and your Teddy.

    A study just came out this week, and you have had the best approach to dealing with your brain mets. Hope those buggers keep on shrinking.


  • Thank you for your response. I am so glad that it seems I have chosen the right path. I am trying alternative medicine along with traditional. Hopefully, the buggers respond well in the upcoming check. God Bless-Go well.

  • How very devastating. I send prayers that this cocktail knocks your cancer into the next decade. If it is at all possible for you, please look into getting a second opinion at an NCCN accredited cancer center/teaching hospital.

    As Anita said, they are treating those brain mets in the best known way.

  • I am very anxious about the plan, not quite tweeked, that will be presented once I finish my cycles of chemo. 30-35 radiation treatments on lung and lymph nodes over 5 days a week scares the dickens out of me. I hope to find you well. God Bless.

  • I had this 30 days of radiation over 6 weeks. It was very effective on both lung tumor and lymph nodes. Good luck to you. (Do not use any creams on body before radiation)

  • Mitch, I too have stage IV nsclc with mets to brain (radiation). I am now getting Keytruda infusions. Ask your Dr. About this immunotherapy as it has been called a miracle drug.

  • Thank you. I am all negative markers. I am given Portrazza, which is immunotherapy even though I am negative EFGR. He said it shows promise when combined with platiinum based and other combo.

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