Keeping up hope!

Almost a year to when my father was diagnosed with stage 4 nsclc.

He has been through rough chemo to the point of being so sick and losing a ton of weight, trial of immunotherapy which was not preventing the spread of the disease and finally on a chemo that he can tolerate, live an active life, walk his dog, go to the store for his breakfast, play and be an active part in his grandchildrens lives and much more.

The road hasn't been easy, he has good days and bad, but January 20th his doctor called me to say, "The PET scan shows improvement!!!"

Keep up hope!

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  • Happy, happy dance being done in your honor!!!!!

  • Thank you!! FtB_Peggy !!

  • Hi there! I am SO happy for your father and you! It sounds like he is on the path to recovery.

    My dad AKA my best friend, was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer this past June. He has gone through chemo and now starts radiation next week. Watching him be so sick and weak was not easy. I am sure you can relate.

    We are praying and hoping that the radiation helps stop the spread of his cancer, so he can have many more years with us! Always staying hopeful and praying!

    Your dad is in my prayers too! Keep fighting!!

  • Thank you and prayers for your dad as well!!

  • Awesome.

  • Never give up hope. God is able to work miracles today the same as He has in the past. Have faith that your Dad will do well on his new treatment. God bless you all.

  • Wow congratulations!!!... what a great news!!!...God bless your father and you too!!!...Miracles could happen!!!

  • Jessi08,

    Great news! It's very good to learn that your dad is able to enjoy his life again. May he have many more days with his beloved family.


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