One year today

This is a huge milestone for me marks my one year anniversary of being cancer free !!! While it seems surreal so did having cancer....I am no one special....I trusted my Doctors but most importantly I trust GOD !! I am telling each and everyone of YOU that this is what awaits YOU TOO ......Cancer is NOT a death sentence....things in medicine have changed so much seeing how 24 yrs ago I was my Mother's care giver thru lung cancer....I know YOU can do this,stay positive, focused and keep the faith !! Thank you for letting me share this today!!

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  • Congratulations and bless your heart! What a loving message, thank you!

  • Congratulations!! Thanks for the uplifting story! Yes.. god is bigger than any cancer!

  • Thank you for the response back Lisa and YES you are right...I have friend just yesterday just found out he has colon, rectal and all I can tell the family is to TRUST ! Trust the doctors but most of all trust in our Mighty God !! A blessed day to you :)

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have a very strong faith in God as well and He is the only reason I'm still living with stage 3 B NSCLC!

    Praise the Lord for He is good!!

  • Congratulations GranMia !!!!

    Yes, we trust on God😃😃😃!!!!

  • Thank you famire !! Indeed we do....but if not for him I dont know where I would be...Is my favorite thing to tell others of His Glory and Grace ! Have a Blessed day !

  • Congrats on 1 year anniversary. Mine is coming up march 25. I have my pet scan march 20 Praying all is good for you.

  • Awesome Helenmcq51 !! Such a wonderful feeling and relief !!

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