I have a question maybe someone could shed some insight on.. my dad has coughed up a little bit of blood mixed in with some mucus yesterday and today. He has been coughing a little on and off since he was diagnosed but hasn't had any blood in it since probably late June. I am planning on calling his doctor on Monday, and he starts radiation in a week. but Anyone with small cell lung cancer experienced this after chemo? How concerned should we be?

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  • Hi Lesley I wish I could have an answer for you but that hasn't happened to me. Calling his dr is the best thing to do. hoping all goes well with your dad! Keep us posted. God bless both of you

  • I would definitely call the doctor tomorrow. Anytime you have concerns about something, don't hesitate to talk to the doctor about it. He can only help your Dad if you tell him everything.

    I personally don't know what it means but I would be concerned. A lot of times after talking with his doctor, he will be able to explain what is currently happening and what else you might watch for.

    God bless you and your Dad. It sounds like you're taking good care of him and staying on top of things.

  • @Lesleykay21 I didn't have small cell I had nonsmallcell but if he's coughing up blood with mucous I would definitly call his dr. So let us know we will worry. Jo

  • I will let you know what they say

  • Thank you Lesley would appreciate it very much. love Jo

  • His doctors nurse told him that if he wasn't coughing up chunks of blood then it wasn't something to be overly concerned about. He starts his radiation Monday to chest and brain. Hope that will help out

  • Prayers for your father may God give him comfort. Keeps us updated.

  • Hi Lesley ,

    That exact thing happened to me except there was also a piece of tissue came out. I don't know if you remember but I was kind of freaked out about it. Anyway the doc wasn't all that concerned.

  • Thank you RwHayes. I'm hoping it's nothing additional to be concerned with. I just left a message with the nurse that works with his oncologist just to make them aware. Thank you for your insight!!!!!

  • I did cough up blood in the beginning before I was diagnosed with small cell. They thought it was pneumonia so they put me on an antibiotic. That did clear up the coughing up blood but I still felt something was wrong. Went back to the drs after 3 weeks of antibiotics and requested another X-ray. Good thing I did because I had small cell cancer. Maybe your dad has some type of infection in his lungs just a thought good luck

  • Hi there. Thank you for responding. When we're you diagnosed with small cell? What stage was it at? Thank you for any insight. I enjoy reading everyone's experiences.

  • Hi Lesley ,

    Did doc say not to worry about blood? Your dad still on track for radiation next week? I'm on my 3 rd week now and all is ok.

  • The nurse that works for the doctor said if he wasn't coughing up chunks of blood than it wasn't overly concerning. He still has his radiation starting on Monday. I'm hoping it helps.

  • Good morning Lesley. I have been fighting small cell lung cancer for going on 3 + years now. I have had a lot of coughing. Enough to keep me awake at night. However, I have never coughed up mucous and blood. Blood is not a good sign sometimes. Let the doctor know immediately.

    Does your dad have a constant cough? I did for quite awhile. I saw my pulmonologist about it and she gave me a medication called benzonatate 200mg 3 times a day if needed for cough. It has helped immensely and I hardly cough at night. I go soon for PFT (pulmonary function test) and exertion study testing of my lung capacity and to see how well the medications are working for me. I also take four inhalers and two nasal sprays. They help with my breathing and mucous that builds up. Anyway, I don't remember if I ever told you I also have severe COPD with emphysema. My pulmonologist has been a important part of my care. She keeps tabs on me and my treatment.

    Please give your dad my best and you and he are in my prayers. Have a good day. Kathie

  • Thank you Kathie. Yes my dads cough is pretty consistent. He barely coughed at all in the summer but it's been more of a constant cough for about a Month. I believe he has copd as well. I will ask him to talk with his doctor about the medication that may be available to him to help. Thank you checking in. It means a lot!

  • My oncologist told us that a little blood was not an issue as well. If he coughs up more than a teaspoon then it is time for concern. Mine was only droplets.

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