Side and back pain

Have stage 3 lung cancer and had left upper lobe removed in May 2017.Now I am having severe left side and back pain. I have recently had CT scans and a pleural biopsy to check for fluid and it was negative. I am scheduled for a PET scan on Jan. 31st and wondering if anyone else have or had this problem.Oxcycodone is not helping the pain. Any suggestions?

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  • After my left lower lobectomy(2016) I had severe pain and meds did not help. Doctor put me on Gabapentin which has helped,still have some pain but bearable. Hope you find some relief.


  • I also had a wedge reduction in May open chest and I still have pain on my right side I take oxycodone and it does seem to help it doesn't take it away though wish you the best of luck

  • I suffered the same after my second surgery and they decided I had muscle damage from doctor did two nerve blocks a month apart and while the pain has subsided greatly I still get *twinges* but NOTHING like I was experiencing....good luck to you and keep being a fighter !! I just had my cat scan and follow up with my oncologist and am NOW considered a patient with *cancer history* PTL !

  • Thanks for replying. Good luck to you and praising the Lord everyday

  • Just keep on trusting in God...I wanted to also tell you that I am no longer on pain meds either so ask your Dr. about how your muscles are or are not healing...

  • Both open and vats thorachotomies usually result in damage to the nerve that runs along the ribs. frisk, my dr put me on Gabapentin. It has helped considerably. If gabapentin brings no relief drs will often try Lyrica.

    Another possibility is fentanyl patch but the gabapentin and lyrica are usually enough. Gabapentin takes some getting used to but it also relieved neuropathy in my hands and feet.

  • Thanks; Seeing the pain dr on 2/08' hope I can get some relief

  • Let us know how it goes.

  • I'm on gabapentin and oxycodone 10twice a day and on oxycontin 12 hour twice a day. The pain was horrible they don't tell you that this pain can happen I still have pain from the lobectomy. They damage the nerves I don't think theres much else they can do. If you find out anything let us know and we'll do the same. Jo

  • I do have some gabapentin/ oxycodone and OxyContin maybe I can try this. will keep you posted and thanks

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  • Jeri,

    I am so sorry you are so miserable, I hope your appointment on 2/8 brings relief! Meanwhile, have you told your medical team how you are feeling, and asked what you can do in the interim? If you haven't - I would definitely give them a call, if you have a nurse navigator - you could explain the situation to her/him. I just hate to think of you waiting all that time feeling the way you do!

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