I'M NEW AND DESPERATELY NEED FEEDBACK. My mom, I believed was killed in the REHAB but now they saying she had lung cancer

I know you may not have symptoms of lung cancer. But is it possible to have stage 4 lung cancer and not need any oxygen and have all normal blood work. They did a chest scan on mom and saw a mass in lung, but the hospital oncologist didn't feel with certainty that is was cancer. They also diagnosed her with pneumonia and the oncologist thought the mass in lung could represent pneumonia. To wrap up. They released mom from hospital to Rehab and she was dead within two weeks. Now they want to say she died from lung cancer. My heart is broken. This is not acceptable medical care. Can a person be diagnosed with stage 4 no oxygen problems and die suddenly from cancer

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  • imina

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your Mother. Your sadness is obviously, and understandably, great. And your need for information is also understandable.

    It is impossible for us to know what your Mother's medical status was, or how complicated her physical health was at the time. If you live in the U.S., you might try contacting cancerlegalresources.org - perhaps they could help, or point you in the right direction to get answers to your questions.

    Please take care of yourself, you have been through a shock. It might be a good idea to contact your own doctor, to have a talk and discuss your sadness. Feel free to call me if you need to talk. 844.835.4325 or 608.833.7906.

    Thinking of you.

  • Thanks Peggy for responding. I'm not asking anyone to know my moms medical history. My specific question was about stage 4 lung cancer. Does anyone know of or have experience with stage 4 lung cancer but not having any symptoms or not needing breathing help at that stage. Thanks for any replies

  • Stage 4 here. Never been on oxygen. Your moms experience is not unheard of. Sometimes patients die within hours of diagnosis.

    The only way to know with any degree of certainty is to insist on an autopsy. So much depends on the location of the mets.

  • Stage 4 here. I was never on oxygen. Mine was caught when I developed blood clots.

  • I have stage IV nsclc,

    Thought I had the flu, went in, diagnosed in Oct 2015. I am not on oxygen or any other breathing aids. Now that my hair is growing back , most wouldn't know how sick I am.

    I am so sorry for your loss! How shocking and terribley sad.🌸🌺🌸

  • I wouldnt think so ,did you get an autopsy?

  • I was diagnosed with stage four lung lung cancer. The onset of symptoms was incredibly sudden. I thought I had a bad cold or allergies but my physician wanted an x-ray of my chest to rule out pneumonia when i didn't respond to antibiotics within a few days. Since it was a Saturday, I went to an emergency room to receive the chest x-ray. Thank God I was at an amazing hospital since I nearly died there over the next few days due to lung full of fluid etc.

    I am so very sorry for your loss, and I am sure that only time will soften that hole in your heart. From my own experience, lung cancer certainly can seem to appear out of nowhere.

  • I am so sorry you lost your Mom. The symptoms for pneumonia and lung cancer are the same and without a biopsy I don't think the difference could have been defined. I'm not a doctor but I would certainly feel that the doctors should have done more.

    That's beside the point at this time and all you can do now is to move forward knowing you did all you could do for your Mom. Grieving is a process we all go through when we lose a loved one. I lost my Mom this past May. I'm still grieving the loss and will until the day I die.

    May God give you the strength you need to go through this process and I pray He will give you the peace that passes understanding.

    Look to God because only He has the answers.

    God bless you.

  • Thanks for the responses. @ Ruthie1950 sorry for loss of your mom. Yes grieving is a process and I'm getting through it slowly but surely. However. When you feel that medical providers didn't give proper care and your love one is dead it hurts that much more. Yes an autopsy and toxicology report will be complete by end of January. I think thesetype of discussions are important so others can learn from them and make certain when you're facing a health challenge you have a health advocate on your support team

  • I am so very sorry that you lost your Mom from the awful illness. Sadly, it is very possible to have Stage IV Lung Cancer and without ANY symptoms, or need for oxygen -- I'm a perfect example of that. My Lung Cancer was only found after it had spread to my brain and after I developed symptoms caused by that tumor (I thought I had vertigo) and was sent for a Head CT Scan which is how and when they found the brain tumor. I was then immediately hospitalized and after more tests/scans, is when I learned that my Primary Cancer was Lung Cancer and I also had a Pulmonary Embolism -- I was very ill, quite suddenly, just two days from the first day I felt dizzy. To this very day I have never had any lung cancer symptoms (no cough, no shortness of breath, no chest pain -- nothing). I

    The Oncolgist was correct in not being able to diagnosis the mass as cancer without a Biopsy, there is no way, that it can be diagnosed 100% without a biopsy. I am again deeply sorry that Lung Cancer took her life so suddenly, but it can and does happen! It's tragic -- Lung Cancer is a horrible disease and takes FAR too many lives and many, many times is not diagnosed until it's late stage, because it often does not produce symptoms......

    ~ Lisa

    PS: Ironically, I had hip surgery one month exactly to the day I ended up in the ER having the CT Scan that found my Brain Tumor and ultimatley the fact that I had Stage IV Lung Cancer. I had 5 chest xrays between the pre-ops and during the hospital stay for the hip surgery. They told me (during that stay) that I had "Post Op" Pneumonia, but no one saw the lung tumor, despite all those xrays? I never had a cough or any pneumonia symptoms then either? The only thing I had was a fever and it lasted less than 24 hours? My lab work was all fine...Lung Cancer is scary and sneaks up on many of us... I am very sorry again for your loss....

  • Thank you, everyone, for your generous, honest responses. We really need to beat this disease. My deepest gratitude to all of you.

  • Peggy, Thank you for being here for all of us. It is people like you who give us knowledge, understanding, and honest information about our diseases. Have a lovely day. My Regards, Kathie

  • It must be something in the air, but all of a sudden i am losing my breath, finding it hard to breath, i have stage iv have been through radiation therapy, i am also on a very aggressive chemo.

  • Did you let your Dr know? I am having a similiar experience. We bought a fingertip pulsox and it makes me feel a lot better to know I am getting the air I need and the breathlessnes is probably due to how weak and out of shape I am.

  • Collin, Sorry that you are having a hard time breathing. Do you have a pulmonologist (lung doctor) that you see? My care team consists of a oncologist, pulmonologist, nutritionist, therapist, psychiatrist and internal medicine - primary care doctors. My pulmonologist is sending me for a PFT (pulmonary function test) and stress testing this week. She prescribes me inhalers and nasal sprays. I also take a capsule for my cough, especially at night. I do not take oxygen as I don't want to become dependent on it. At this point I am doing ok with greatly improved breathing due to my pulmonologist. I wish you well and God bless. You will be in my prayers.

  • i went through 6 weeks, 5 days a week radiation, along with chemo 1 day a week 5 months ago. About 2 months ago it became harder for me to catch my breath (I also had the upper left lobe removed August of 2016 during this surgery the nerve leading to my left vocal cord was paralyzed) anyway I went to my primary doctor, after a pulmonary test I was told that I have COPD. I'm now on two meds. Flovent and Spirvia. my o

  • Me too. Went to pulmonologist. My rt lung, 1 and 1/2 lobes is only functioning at 25% due to fibrosis from radiation. No treatment for it. Get it checked out. Patches1

  • Imina,

    I am so sorry that you lost your mother.

    I'm another person with stage 4 lung cancer who has never needed oxygen and who did not have obvious symptoms at diagnosis. At diagnosis I had a pleural effusion with 1.4 liters of fluid in the lining of my lung, but with only minor shortness of breath, 98% oxygen levels, and no obvious abnormal sounds when listening to my lungs with a stethoscope. We thought I was severely constipated!!! Lung Cancer is a sneaky devil and the vast majority of patients are diagnosed at a very advanced stage. I hope you find the answers you need to feel more at peace.


  • My BFF and I jogged 4 miles two weeks before she was diagnosed with stage IV. She had 5 Brain tumors and some other various spots. So you see, this disease likes to hide.

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