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I'm new here. Was diagnosed with stage 3b NSCLC in January 2011 and it returned in my other lung December 2013. Currently, I'm stage 4 but not on any meds and see my oncologist on a 6 month basis. Like some, I become anxious about cancers return as I never really had any symptoms either time. Any suggestions concerning what symptoms were significant to you?

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  • Welcome evan100691! Thank you for posting and glad you are here. Unfortunately, many people don't have symptoms of lung cancer. Or by the time they have symptoms, the cancer is very advanced. Hopefully others will post about their symptoms and how they handle the anxiety between doctor's visits.

  • I have stage 3B NSCLC, diagnosed in September 2015. It is inoperable and I finished chemotherapy and radiation in February 2016. On 12/8, I was told my cancer has once again become active. I'm still going through testin to determine what can be done.

    My symptoms were pain in my left side and back. My neck and shoulder hurt and I wasn't able to turn my head very far left. I was short of breath. All of these symptoms came on all at once. Prior to that point, I was coughing more than normal.

    I was pretty sure that I had lung cancer but waited a couple of months before I finally went to a place called "Your Doc's In" which is not my primary care physician. This facility did an X-ray and the doctor immediately came in and didn't listen to my chest, examine me or ask questions. He simply stated "You have large mass in your left lung. You need to see your primary care as soon as possible." I think he gave me an antibiotic but I'm not sure.

    I know after talking with a few people who've had lung cancer, that they had no symptoms but went to the doctor for something else and because they were smokers, the doctor recommended starting with an X-ray.

    I have described my symptoms but I know they're not the same for everyone.

    God bless. You are en encouragement to me as you seem to be doing well with stage 4!

  • Glad you joined our community! I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in July of 2015 and I had no symptoms either even tho I had been a long time smoker! I was on chemo for 18 mo and 6 wks ago the dr put me on Opdivo and I am doing well on that! I have my energy back again! and that is a blessing. The thing I have learned is that we are all different and new Ned's are coming out all the time. Wish I could help more but the longer you are here with us the more you will learn. So glad you joined! God bless you ! You wil be in my prayers. 😊

  • I was dx in Sept 2012 with stage 3a NSC Adenocarcinoma. I had no symptoms and the spot was found by accident after a scan of my abdomen. I had surgery to remove and test the tumor then a follow up surgery to remove the bottom right lobe. At the time, no one realized that the cancer was in several lymph nodes which the surgeon also removed. Had he known, there would not have been surgery. This was followed by four rounds of chemo and 25 radiation treatments.

    I have been clear since then but as we all know, it can come back at any time so I worry with every ache, pain and cough.

  • Heather, your concern is understandable - you have faced something very frightening. Bless your heart. Welcome to this wonderful community, may you find peace and joy here.



  • Mine were coughing up a foamy mess and fatigue. I ended a 20 year relationship about a year before my diagnosis and was on a diet so I expected fatigue was related to depression and the weight loss on a diet.

    I'm 6 years now without any lung cancer treatment (stage 4) and NED. I see the dr annually now.

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