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Hi everyone what i'm about say is something I haven't talked about. So bear with me oh god this is hard. we'll start at the beginng. you all know that i'm cancer free. the surgeon it was like a night mare. I knew I had cancer my family told me they had'nt got back the results from lympodes any way he had told my family that I was going to die. it was three days and he came in with a nurse I guess she could calm me down. he told me I was going to die I had stage three b I didn't cry it was like I was in another world I was in shock. The three b is the worst kind they considerit like stageiv. I never cried until I went home. every time I went for a ct scan I was scared to death it had come back elsewhere. Even when I was told I was cancer free I still get upset when I have to have a ctscan. you see I was told I was going to die. I had no radiation I was supposed to do it I told them no I was told it would mess up my esphogus and they would have to put me in the hospital and tube feed me and it would harm my good lung I said no. I had six months of chemo. now I will tell you what chemos I had Taxatere,carblatin,abraxane either these got rid of the cancer or someone was watching over me taking care of me. i'm into my fourth year cancer free. I still feel like its coming back. I suppose i'll feel that way for awhile. you know you all inspire me. with love jo Taylor

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  • Jo- I read a lot of reason to have hope in your experience. Thank you.

  • Denzie Thank you i'm so glad to have met you really have inspired me. So I want to know how you are. with love Jo

  • You are blessed Jo for going beyond the doctors expectations.. I can understand your fear of it returning. I think we all go through this . It's only human . You've been through a lot! Try to stay positive, it looks like your prayers are being answered. And whatever happens you will be in a good frame of mind to fight the good fight!

  • Donna Thank you,you have been a good friend and I promise I will be a better one how are you today any better I hope. love ya Jo

  • Hang in there with us jo


  • You are an inspiration to all of us. God bless you for being able to open up. I think we all have a lions share of fear during this journey. You are not alone Jo Taylor!

  • Sounds much like my journey Jo Taylor! 4+ years NED - good for you - good for me!

  • Tell us about your journey! Please!

  • Jo where was your cancer located? I have stage 4, they thought it was stage 3b but then they found it had spread to my bones. I have it in my left lung, my lymph nodes in my chest and neck, and my pelvic, hip and sternum. I wondered what the extent of your cancer was when you went on chemo. I know you said its hard for you to talk about it because you are cancer free now but it would help so many of us who are hoping and praying for the same results.

  • You're an encouragement to those going through the same thing as you. I pray God will continue to bless you and that the cance never rears it's ugly head in your body again!

  • you offer a little bit of hope in a very dark world i too am trying texotere for the first time (one treatment so far ), maybe it will hold back the cancer for a while

  • When were you diagnosed?

  • Enjoyabull I wrote a post titled to all of you but it should answer your questions i'mworried about you be c ause it probablly wasn't what you wanted to hear. I care about you you know you can talk to me I will be here for you. With love Jo

  • I found it and its fine. I am on taxotere now and if it helped you maybe it will help me too.

  • Dear Jo Taylor, Thank you for sharing your story. You are awesome and brave. So glad you are cancer free for over four years. It is terrible what your surgeon did to you. Did you report him? He is scandalous and has no bedside manner to say the least. You are a warrior. One of my sisters had a heart attack at the age of 55 and survived surgery. She is doing well now. She calls us warriors because of our fights to live and conquer our diseases. I had a double mastectomy in 2013, and was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2014. I am still in the fight to beat the small cell and am facing it like the warrior I am. I have always been strong.

    I wish you strength and peace of mind. Worry only brings us closer to the problem It does not settle anything. Have you ever talked to a therapist about how you feel? I see a therapist at my cancer center and a psychiatrist to help with my depression and anxiety. I take medication for both. Are you eating healthy? Plenty of protein and fresh veggies and fruit? It really helps when it comes to feeling better.

    Jo please write to me if you think I can help in any way. Support is so important. God bless you.

    My Regards,


  • Jo,

    Bless your sweet heart! Thank you for sharing your fears, that was a very brave thing to do...everyone here benefits from your voice. Please keep talking!!!!

  • Thanks Peggy I wish I could help the others. Travis must he said he would whenever I think about it. theres got to be something that would be for everyone.

  • Hi I know I help others I wish I could help more. I wish there was something that would be good for all of us. I have really been thinking about it Travis said if I could come up with something that helped me and the others he would see that it was implemented. I'm going to think of something. This is a great site to be on everyone on here is so friendly they help alot. Freetobreathe/Healthunlocked is really great please tell everyone you see if they get lung cancer this is the place to be. Evenif there in remission there all welcome. This is what I was meant to do,help the others.Maybe you all can call me the helper. I care about all of you and I worry about you and i'm here for you. So Travis is the name helper ok. Jo

  • This is me susiejo1948 I,m not hiding

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