survival rate ?

might be a cruel question but i would like to know how many have survived beyond 5 years with non small cell adena carcinoma , i am starting on my third year of treatment ,stage 4 and it is spread too far for surgery or laser tried opdivo and it wasn't effective for me in the meantime i just keep on trying to fill my bucket list and survive somewhat while taking chemo just turned 65 by the way


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18 Replies

  • Hi Bruno,

    In October I passed the 6 year mark. So 6 years 3 months.

    What you ask is not cruel, it's a matter of preference though. Some want to know, some don't.

    When a dr tells a patient their expected survival rate, it is based on a bell curve generated on the survival times of 10s of 1000s of others. There is no way to tell exactly where you will come out on that curve.

    Keep making those new memories and add to the bucket list.

  • What has been your treatments?

  • I had concurrent chemoradiation with cisplatin and etopicide in 2010. My dr thought my stage 4 acted like a 3b so he got aggressive. I seem to be, but I have not been confirmed as, an exceptional responder. I've had no maintenance chemo or second line treatment.

    What I have experienced us a new primary. Biopsy confirmed it was not a mets. Two years ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Treatment was not easy but after stage 4 lung I fear no other cancer.

  • Thanks for info... I have had chem, radiation, surgery, and now optivowhich has worked since is in my lymph nodes..

  • Best hopes that it works a long long time.

  • What kind of chemo are you currently taking? Opdivo didnt work for me either.

  • texotere and something else that i did not write down and next treatment they will add another med if i tolerate this one ok, so far muscles ache and stomach messed up

  • I am on texotere too. Just waiting for my hair to fall out.

  • already had balding hair to begin with and the first go around of chemo got the rest and lotsa chest hair too

  • Thank you for asking the question- it is something I wonder each and every day. So glad you are doing your bucket list, and I hope that your bucket list is very long and you are able to achieve each and every one.

  • my dr. told me last week that the cancer will always come back and is incurable but not letting it stop me from doing stuff until i cant stand it anymore

  • The statistics are soul crushing. But you are Bruno! You are not just a piece of data on a bell curve. I tell myself that I am making a new statistic and no one knows where that number will fall. (I have stage 4 nsclc). We are making the data-don't let the data define you say just keep "doing stuff" until you can't. I am "living with lung cancer," as others live with other chronic diseases. (And of course we all want a magic 8 ball to tell us how long (a long time!!!) we might expect-it's only natural.) best wishes and prayers for you!


  • Bruno, I too am 65. I had a double mastectomy in 2013 and was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer mid 2014. No connection between the two. I am on my third go around with treatment for the small cell. I have had chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and now I'm getting Keytruda (immunotherapy) infusions every three weeks.

    You must be exhausted. Chemo is NOT fun by any means. No treatment is. So you are trying to fill your 'bucket list'. That is something I must look into. So much still hasn't been done. I raised my two sons and now am able to enjoy my grandchildren.

    Please try to keep your spirits up. Eat healthy - lots of protein and fresh fruit and veggies. Are you able to exercise? Not anything exhausting. Perhaps walking or stretching daily. I have a hard time getting exercise in due to a very bad knee.

    I wish you the best. You will be in my prayers. God bless.



  • thanks kathie i'm not able to do much exercise but i try to get up every morning and visit my close friends for a couple hrs and on occasion do some light repairs to one of my hot rods or Harley. actually went to Sturgis S.C. motorcycle rally in 14, 15 and 16 even though my dr did not like me being around a million people after my first round of chemo in 2015. also going to try to go to Austin Texas car show 8 hr one way in April in my old 58 chevy truck so i am still active just moving slow

  • Bruno,

    Welcome to our community. You asked a question that I am sure everyone has thought about. I agree with Denzie, nobody can predict what your body will do, what your cancer will do. Hang on to each moment, trust in your treatments and trust in your body to fight. Surround yourself with the voices of people who love you.

    Please keep talking to us, we want to hear what each day is like for you. Hope can punch a great big hole in chaos. Be hopeful, my friend.

  • I am going on two years (in March), and I am Stage IV and currently stable. I've also met several survivors (in other groups) who are at five years and beyond. A women in a local group is at 11 years. Lung cancer (even stage IV) is more and more being treated as a Chronic Illness. My goal is to continue treatments as long as I can and hope that they will find a cure.... ! I have never asked my Oncolgist for a "prognosis" and I try not to read the Statistics....even though I think we all know them....

  • Hi Bruno, please don't get discouraged? I am 76 yr old I had my diagnosis of stage 4 NSCLC , metastatic brain , Aril 2012 . Had craniotomy, tumor removed, cyberknife radiosugery to follow. On Tarceva for the lung cancer w EGFR mutation. I had been Ok until Thanksgiving last year ,I had a recurrence brain tumor which is small enough for the ( still taking Tarceva 100 mg, started 2012 for 150 mg X 3 yrs) treatment. I'm due for a MRI brain in 2 weeks time to see the post resault. If it is there ,may need biopsy on the brain & recheck on the DNA. I am lucky enough to have family support ,I only take one day at a time, to be thankful I'm still kicking . Do all your bucket lists.God Bless!! Esther

  • all of you are giving me hope and I wish you well for the future. My husband is currently going well on giotrif - I pray it continues. Take care Tracey x