Still hangin in there

Still hangin in there

Hi all,

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I feel like I'm getting a little bit closer to normal than I have been since my last infusion a week ago. I've had 8 radiation treatments now, and they don't seem to be bothering my throat as much as I thought they would. At least not yet anyway. The good news is the radiation doc said he was very pleased with progress so far, he is actually sure he can see a fair amount of shrinkage already . I guess all things considered I'm doing really good. I'm about 1/4 way through treatment and it's still so far so good.

Thanks for all your thoughts and support ,


P.S. meet my new grandson: Bentley !!


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8 Replies

  • Bentley is beautiful! Congratulations on your progress!

  • Your grandson is adorable! I'm so happy to hear you're feeling stronger. I pray the remaining treatments will be as kind to your body.

    God bless you through this ordeal.

  • Congratulations on that grandson! That pic is adorable. The football themed outfit is adorable beyond words.

    So glad to read that you are experiencing good response already. Sending hope that treatment will enable you to enjoy many of Bentley's milestones.

  • Congratulations! Your Grandson is precious - Love his sweet little "Football" outfit! I am expecting my very first grand baby (a girl) in Mid February and i am so excited and can't wait to meet her. She helps me fight this battle every day <3

  • Congratulations he is beautiful

  • I like to share this when I can so that it might help someone get through treatments a little more gentle, and bc I would hope others share ways to get through any of this easier if they have found ways also!! So ,...Before I started my radiation treatments, my Radiation Doc, recommended that I drink Aloe Vera Water. The instructions needed to be followed though,..he explained no more,...and no less. I was to drink one large swallow/swig directly before each treatment,....and one large swallow/swig directly after each treatment! I seriously did not have nearly as much discomfort of my esophagus as I have heard most people say they have from radiation!! I wanted to follow the directions the Doc told me to the T throughout all of my treatments. Once I ran out of my sample bottle they gave me I made sure to buy the exact kind they gave me originally bc I had such good outcome with my treatments!! The exact kind I used is...... OKF Organic Aloe Vera Juice with pulp. You'll find it if you google that info. Best of luck for continued success!!

  • RW,

    So good to hear from you again...with good news! But, seriously, that is the sweetest baby...just makes you want to pick him up and snuggle. Enjoy!

  • He is a doll. Stay stronge , he needs his hugs .

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