Squamous cell lung cancer

Hi i'm Kirk and i have lung cancer. I have Surgery on the 17th of this month, they my take the whole right lung, very scared, as i'm going through this 100% alone, and any advice on this would be awesome. As i don't know what to expect, and that scars me. I've been a self employed auto mechanic for the last 2 1/2 years not able to get disability and there fighting me on SSI. My breathing has put me to the point that it is very hard to work and to boot i have a alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency witch means my lungs are not protected like most peoples are. this is way i have lung cancer at the age of 42 and i stopped smoking 11/8/14. And this is why i may never be able to work on car again due to the cancer fumes. So one of my questions is due to not getting disability i have done up a fund raiser for $2000 to help me get through recovery so far i have raised $580 using GiveForward and sharing it on face book. its not working no more. does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do to raise this money, I have taken to over 40 churches, and nothing. i'm doing everything i can to stay positive, some day are very hard. you can check out the rest of my story on that site, this is not intended for you to donate but intended for you to get the rest of the story. Thank you for any suggestions you give god bless and thank you for letting me on this site!!!

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  • Hi Kirk,

    I'm sure Anita,Denzie,or some of the staff here will respond soon I am sure I have heard them tell people about resources that are available and how to get in touch. Sorry you are having a difficult time. It's absolutely mind boggling how 40 churches could turn you away with nothing but who knows maybe they were all having it rough at the time. Anyway I wish you well sorry I can't be of more help but I'm sure those ladies I mentioned earlier will respond soon.

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you so very much!!!! most sites, or Facebook groups just ignore me. So it means so very much Thank you!!

  • One place you may want to contact is cancercare.org. If they have any funds designated for lung cancer at this time they may be able to help.

    They're a terrific organization, the money they receive in grants and contributions is earmarked for specific cancers and distributed that way. There is a financial prescreening process but they are quite safe.

  • Kirkmills1, I'm so sorry you're going through this! You're so young and it sounds as though you're struggling not only with your health issues but financial as well.

    Have you spoken to anyone from the American Cancer Society? I don't know if they can help but they should be able to advise you as to where to start looking.

    I pray God will give you wisdom and strength to fight your situation.

    God bless you.

  • Kirk,

    Thank you so much for joining our community. I am so very sorry to hear about how you are struggling, and will certainly be thinking of you on the 17th. I am also concerned that you are alone...please make sure you talk to your medical team about all that is going on with you - and keep telling them until you get some help!

    If you would email me your email address, I could send you some Resource Guides concerning financial assistance, and useful sites that we have already done the research on, so you don't have to - I would like to include the Support Group guide too. If you want to include your mailing address, I can also snail mail you one of our Information Packets. Of course, all of our materials are free.


    Again, I am so glad you reached out. Let's see if we can get you into a better place in life!!!


  • thank you so very much!!!!!

  • Kirk,

    I'm no expert in fundraising... I know that there is a local cancer support organization in my area that has a fund for small grants to help people in your situation. Maybe there is something like that in your area. Is there a social worker at the center or office where you are getting care and treatment? If so, she or he may have a list of local support services.

    I'm sorry that you are going through this alone, without someone to help you do the research and make the calls. If you can share where you are, some of us (who are pretty good at doing research), may be able to help you out with more specific suggestions.


  • Kirk, I don't have any suggestions regarding the fund raising. I will say that perhaps one reason you have had troubles is that there are people who go around asking for help, who are simply 'scammers' and a lot of folks are leery these days. I feel it's terribly shameful that a few of this sort have made it more difficult for people like you... but I have to say we were victims of someone who did just that a few years ago, so I understand people's hesitancy to give.

    One thing I do want to suggest, in line with what someone else said regarding nutrition. My husband has found that eating broccoli is a wonderful help to him in fighting the effects of the disease and of the treatments for the disease. He tells everyone to eat it if they like it, and if they don't like it, just to treat it like another medicine and eat it anyway! I've seen some really miraculous results within just ten to fifteen minutes when he's been feeling poorly and eaten a batch of steamed broccoli. It works any way you eat it, but the results seem faster and more dramatic when you eat it steamed.

  • As far as I know lung cancer is automatic for disability, you might want to google social security site, and a lot of clinics have social workers to guide you, Please call social security

  • its not me i went through it all all the doctors told me i will recover in 6 months I have been a self employed auto mechanic for years and didn't get disability ins. and i also can not get ssi. And yes i have been in contact with social security. Thank you for trying though!!!

  • Kirk- Try go fund me that works for some folks. Good luck with recovery! I had the same cancer in December.

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