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There are a few new ones who have asked my story. So alot of you know my story so hoping I don't bore you all here goes. I'm 68 years old. When I was 64 I had breast cancer they done a mastectomy they didn't take my lympnodes I had no treatments. It has been over five years. Two years after my mastectomy I found out I had lung cancer. This is how I found out I was really sick I went to the er they done a chest xray the Dr on call found it. So I went to my pulmanary Dr he sent me to get a pet scan it wasn't anywhere else. Went to see a surgeon he told me it was a very small tumor that they would have to do a wedge cut biopsy. Went in hospitalto get a biopsy and didn't leave there for seven days they removed my upper left lobe and it was in my lympnodes it was stage3 I went thru six months of chemo. I've been cancer free for three years. Free toBreathe/ HealthUnlocked has been everything to me. everyone on here the patients the admins and i've been so lucky to have helped some of the others,they have helped me alot this is a community and were all on here to help each other. You guys have been fantastic and thats my story and i'm sticking to it Jo Taylor


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  • Thank you. Its a pleasure getting to know you better.

  • Thank you for sharing

  • Thank you for sharing, and getting to know you more...Glad to hear you have been cancer free for 3 years....hope you stay cancer free also.....

  • Thank you for sharing your story, it is inspirational for me to here others story. I am almost 57 years old and have been cancer free for 3 years, I was stage 1B when my NSCLC was found. I then had 4 rounds of chemo and have follow-up CT scans every 6 months.

  • Oh, Jo.

    You are so great!

  • I'm so glad you have found our community and organization useful, Jo. You are a valued member and advocate here.

    If there is anything you ever want to see implemented in this community that you think would be useful to yourself and others that are going through their journey, do not hesitate to let us know!

  • @FtB_Peggy I don't know about great,every one on here inspires me. There cancers are a lot more than mine. I care and if I can help them by talking and hearing there storys. I do so very gladly. I have to tell them i'm not a Dr. I try to make suggestions and they can ask there Dr. i'm here to listen and help in some way go. They help me too being in this community has been what I needed to do with my life helping others. We are all friends here or should I say a family. This is are life now. Thank you Peggy so much you are the one who is great. Jo

  • FtB_Travis Thank you,you have been wonderful too and I think you and I have put a little laughter here and there. the flip, the beards I can tell you that is what is needed once in a while.To help them forget for a few moments it helps alot. Jo

  • Jo,

    You've been through a lot and survived! Your story is a hopeful one, thank you for sharing it - and for sharing hope with others,


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