Hi all,

I feel like things are close to normal again, yesterday and today I made it pretty much all day at work. I spent all day Sunday freaked out over coughing up blood and a small piece of tissue. Finally I got a call back from my oncologist on Monday and he seemed a lot less concerned about it than me,saying he guessed it was a small nodule that was being held on by a very small amount of tissue and the chemo caused it to come apart. He also wasn't really excited about getting it to the lab to see for sure, just said keep it in fridge and bring it when I come. I have come to the realization that with a cancer diagnosis there will always be unknown things about everyone's treatment . I think the docs just think they are better off giving you standard treatment and very general guidelines to follow instead of analyzing symptoms that may or may not be significant. I guess they are right , but I don't have to like it.

Thanks for listening,


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  • Glad you're feeling stronger.

  • Keep up the fight!!

  • Are you stage 4? And are your lymph nodes involved? I am just getting to a point where I cant work because of pain meds making me fuzzy. You dont have any pain?

  • Hi enjoyabull,

    My type (small cell) is not divided into 4 stages , its divided only limited and extensive. Mine luckily is limited as of now. I don't have any severe pain related directly to that , however I was taking pain meds before my diagnosis for spine and joint issues. Without it I'm sure it would be a lot worse. Never really had problems with meds interfering with daily activities.

    Best of luck,


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