Third dose chemo

Hi all,

I had third dose today( only etoposide , steroids, fluid) felt a little bit less fuzzy this morning but feel kind of rough right now . No bad side effects just run down and minor nausea . Every time I think I will be sick it goes away so far so good.

Thanks for being here ,


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  • Did you get the sublingual Zofran or did they prescribe tablets? At this stage it should be the sublingual. Also, I found that if I set alarms and took the Dex every 4 hours whether you felt I needed it or not, it controlled my nausea better.

    Congrats in getting through your first week.

  • They gave some in fluids and also gave me two tablets zofan each time before infusion ,along with 4 steroid tablets, and gave me a script to take zofan 8mg every 8 hrs, and phenergan to take inbetween as needed.

    Thanks Denzie ,


    P.s. do you think in the morning will be more or less tired and fuzzy than this morning?

  • Somehow I overlooked the last part of your note. I suspect you woke up a bit foggy this am.

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