Hi all, I haven't been here much, been kinda bummed out. I am out of remission, chromogranin going up. Next month, Jan.5th, I have more b/w to see if it continues to go up. He already increased my dose of Sandostatin, last time , don't know what he'll do now. Just a waiting game for all of us. I tell others to try to remain positive, I should practice what I preach!

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  • Sorry to hear this. Please try to stay positive. It's hard when you're facing this but it is vital to the outcome. God bless you.

  • Thank you Ruthie, Im trying!

  • Echoing Ruthie's kind words.

    Your experience was the first opportunity ive had to learn of chromogranin. I send hope that this is a momentary glitch. Does that ever happen with your type of lung cancer? Please let us know what happens

  • Donna why did'nt you let me know you know i''m here for you no matter what i'm going to messanger.

  • I got back to you, Jo. I'll be talking to you.

  • Please realize that we are all here for you, during this difficult time. Sending you a big hug.

  • TY!

  • Bless you, sending hope and hugs and comfort.

  • You are in a great place here to express your feelings and fears.

    don't have much advice, but prayers and positive vibes to send.

  • Thanks to all of you sending prayers and hugs⁄! I"ll let everyone know what happens.

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