Introducing myself

Introducing myself

Hi my name is Annette I'm 49 and live in Australia and I currently care for my mum who has stage IV nsclc with mets to both lungs, liver, bone, chest lymph nodes and fungating lesions to the upper and lower chest wall. I joined this site to gain knowledge and speak to other carers and sufferers. Some days are pretty hard and things seem overhelming, I think I'm also suffering anticipatory grief, imagining what is going to be like without my mum, she's the only family I have left apart from my kids and husband. I lost my first husband to head and neck cancer in January 2004, he was 44, I was widowed at 37 with 3 kids. I lost my grandmother to bowel cancer in 2007 and my only Aunt in 2008 to liver cancer so I'm no stranger to cancer and its devastating effects.

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  • Annette,

    Thank you for reaching out, and welcome. With all the loss you have experienced, I believe you are right about anticipatory grief. And I am just so sorry about your Mother's illness. You'll hear soon from other members of this community and I am sure you'll hear that feeling overwhelmed isn't unusual, because, well, you are...this is your mum. But I am so glad you reached out, you'll find support and care here, and practical advice to boot. So glad to have you, please keep talking!

  • Thank you Peggy

  • Annette, I'm so sorry about what your mom is dealing with, and for all the losses you've already experienced. I'll help as I'm able and I'll be thinking about you.

  • Thank you scifiknitter

  • Welcome to the Free to Breathe boards. I send prayers for strength and hope that her response to treatment is nothing short of miraculous.

  • Thank you Denzi, I'm praying for a miracle. Mums had all the radiation she can have and the doctor said the only thing left is palliative chemo which he's very sceptical about as she has a lot of other health issues with her heart and diabetes. Miracles can happen right? Well I'm praying they can.

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