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Off to a good start , finally!!!

Hi all,

Got MRI of head results today and they are all clear which is a big relief. This means radiation is still on which ultimately means I do have a chance for complete cure! It's not a great chance but I'll definitely take it. Also just finished all my 1st dose chemo which was : cisplatin, etoposide,something for nausea ,and lots of plain fluid. So far so good no adverse effects at all. I will post again tomarrow when I get through with number 2.

Thanks for your support,


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Happy for you! It has to be a tremendous relief getting things moving.

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It sounds as though you're doing very well and certainly optimistic. This is very important in treating any disease. Keep up the good work and I pray your cancer is cured.

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Wonderful, keep talking to us and carry on!


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